Global Insurance Market in Decline

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Led by growth in Asia Pacific, the global insurance industry has been experiencing moderate growth in recent years. However, a slowdown in the industry is likely, though growth is going to remain steady. While the life insurance sector remained the most profitable in 2015, the non-life insurance sector was not far behind, according to Global Insurance Industry – Forecast, Opportunities & Trends 2015-2020, a report recently released by Taiyou Research. The industry remains fragmented, thus increasing the level of rivalry within the market. Large, international companies have more or less entered most countries now and have either driven many smaller players out of business or have formed partnerships with them.

Online insurance is also a rapidly growing business, competing successfully with existing players. Apart from insurance market players, many financial service providers and banks are also entering into the global insurance business, thus creating even more competition for existing players. Stringent regulations govern the insurance industry and it remains to be seen how this scenario plays out in the coming years.

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