Four Digital Marketing Challenges in 2018

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In a current technological domain, companies are using leading digital marketing services in the USA to promote their products or services to a broad clientele. Online advertising provides leverage to companies to project their products to a target market. Also, it helps companies in establishing their brand by engaging the potential customers via multiple digital mediums. The active presence of the companies on the digital mediums helps in increasing the customer engagement and retention process, which adds value to online business sale. However, doing the digital marketing right way is always a tough task because it has multiple challenges, which needs to be addressed. A lot of companies are facing the digital marketing challenges in this tech-savvy world. Let’s have a look at them.

Generating Traffic and Leads

The main aim of the companies that are pursuing digital marketing is to attract the organic traffic towards your targeted products or services in the realm of generating leads. Generation of the online leads as well as web traffic is a vital challenge for the companies maintaining an online presence as per the State of Inbound Report, 2017. Companies are using leading SEO services in the USA to optimize their on-page or off-page content to reach out to a target market. There is no denying that marketers are struggling with producing enough demand for their content; this comes right with stiff competition among the potential rivals. The digital medium provides an opportunity of promoting their content to a multitude of mediums; therefore, it is challenging to know where to focus your efforts. It is advisable for companies to produce relevant and creative content, and optimize that content by intelligently placing the keywords. So that when a reader searches against targeted keywords, they can find the targeted content designed primarily for them, to address their needs.

Providing ROI against Market Activities

Behind every marketing activity, there is an underlying metric of generating business to add value to an online revenue stream. It is the top challenge for the marketer to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their marketing activities. Also, to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing activities such a blogging, social media marketing, PPC, etc. is also equally important. ROI has a direct impact on a budget of the company. Marketers often make this argument that increasing ROI demands for the increased budget. While, on the other hand, no ROI leads to no budget. However, tracking the ROI of every marketing activity is a painstaking process, especially when you don’t have the one-to-one communication between the sales as well as the marketing department.


Identifying the Right Technologies for Your Needs

Another challenge in the context of digital marketing is to determine the right technology for your needs. Shifting to the latest technology is imperative for business growth and attracting a customer. Most frequently, marketers while socializing in their professional setup get to know about the latest technological trends and their benefits on the company. It adds value to the company’s online business by serving them with the updated technical solutions.

Targeting Content for International Audience

Targeting is the fundamental element of all aspects of marketing. The first and the foremost thing that needs to be done in this realm are to identify the buyer personas. If you are targeting the international audience, it is essential to figure out the best possible ways that prove fruitful for your company. Besides this, it is equally important to optimize your website for different countries to capture the potential target customer.


Digital marketing is imperative for businesses. However, companies are facing digital marketing challenges as we have discussed above. IPS is one of the committed and trusted names among the leading digital marketing agencies, which are providing digital marketing services by overcoming all these challenges. Besides this, it is also offering web and mobile applications development services to its valuable customers.


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