Discovering Your True Self Is Vital to Happiness!

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

The Wendy Bjork Commentaries

Today we are discussing the idea of self discovery being paramount to your success, the six steps of VITALS and keeping strong yet clear boundaries for peace and happiness.

Welcome to the latest episode of Igniting Your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of, it is her mission to empower women to see beyond whatever challenges they are navigating and  inspire them to boldly live in acceptance, to fulfill their dreams that have been left on the backburner for far too long.


In this exclusive edition, Wendy discusses the benefits of Getting to Know Yourself – Why is it Important?


Have you found focusing on yourself is at the bottom of the to do list, because you feel everyone else in your life comes first? Taking time for ourselves has been looked down upon, since our society is work work work and grinder harder to reach success. I have good news for you, we have been lied to. Now is exactly the perfect time to get to know yourself in order to understand yourself.


This isn’t just about identifying your favorite outfit, haircut or flavor of ice cream. It’s about understanding your inner world and how you fit into the outer world. It’s an opportunity for personal growth that can help you make better choices for your wellbeing and lifelong happiness.

Don’t Wait: Re-center Your Focus Now!


There are many tools to help you develop a deeper sense of yourself, including journaling and other forms of creative expression. You can use a guided journal to explore your thoughts and feelings or just free write whatever comes to mind. It’s up to you what you want to do, but try not to get caught up in the criticism or judgment of your writing.

Another way to become more aware of yourself is to observe your behavior in different situations. Take note of how you respond to people, what makes you happy, and what makes you unhappy. This can help you identify patterns that are holding you back, such as feeling insecure or being easily angered. Once you’ve identified these patterns, you can work to change them.

An often overlooked yet very important factor in self discovery is having healthy boundaries in your personal life. This is ultra important because it allows you to focus on the needs of yourself without neglecting others. Clearly communicating your boundaries is also a way to show others that you are in control of your own behavior and can expect the same from them. This is a sign of maturity and respect, two traits that are key to having healthy relationships.

Lastly, a big reason why it’s important to create boundaries is because it shows the people in your life that you love and care about them. It’s possible to have healthy relationships with people who don’t share your same beliefs or values, but if you’re always sacrificing your own needs for theirs, it can be challenging to maintain those relationships. Setting boundaries allows you to spend time with people who understand and support your priorities, which can make them more loyal to you. It’s also a great way to show them that you care about them, which is a beautiful thing to do.

I endorse creating a circle of 5, A circle of 5 people in your life that you can share openly, be authentic, vulnerable as well as encouraged and cheered for. 

If there is any support I can offer in living your best life, feel free to  send a message to You may also download your copy of 30-Day Blueprint Towards Living Your Best Life ,visit the plethora of resources available at the  Discovering and living by your personalized playbook are important steps we can create together! Until next time, cheers!


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Feel free to message me at if there is other support I can provide in living your best life.  Discovering and living by your personalized playbook are important steps we can create together!

As a pioneer in advocacy and mentorship, Wendy is leading a global revolution of women walking in purpose and peace as she illumines their path ahead with the light of HOPE:  Harmony, Options, Peace & Empowerment.

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