Crypto Talk: Investor Ryan Hoggan Shares What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Wallets

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There is no doubt that economic and financial activities are fast improving across the world today. The advent of digital currencies has gained popularity in almost all the countries of the world in recent years.


Despite the odds and chatter surrounding cryptocurrency, a lot of people are still venturing into the business of crypto coins and digital currencies. However, before one ventures into the business, it is important to have a deep understanding of how the various components of the cryptocurrency ecosystem works.


One of the things you need to know, so as not to be left in the lurch while into cryptocurrency, is the cryptocurrency wallet. If you do not know the reasons it is necessary for you to have a crypto wallet yet, you can do well to read this article to the very end.


Ryan Hoggan, a seasoned investor, and NFT expert has decided to expose you to the things you need to know about the cryptocurrency wallet. Aside from its crypto-specific functions, Ryan Hoggan opined that a crypto wallet basically serves the purpose of a traditional wallet.


It is similar to the regular wallet as it helps you in storing cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency wallet also allows you as a user to send and receive digital currencies and NFTs with ease. These benefits are further and better explained below.


Transaction Benefits: Expert investors like Ryan Hoggan believe that crypto is here to stay and if you intend to trade digital currencies, your crypto wallet can be of immense benefit. This is because with a wallet address you can quickly facilitate many transactions with ease and from anywhere.

Security of Cryptocurrencies: Being a software program, a cryptocurrency wallet comprises private and public keys which are uniquely designed for each user. What this means is that no one can meddle with your digital currencies as long as they are kept in the wallet, unless a person is acquainted with your keys.


Using the simple analogy of username and password, the public keys can be compared to the username while the private keys can be compared to the password. Hence, ensure you do not reveal the keys, especially the private keys to anyone.

When you are sent a cryptocurrency, you as a receiver must be able to use both the private keys and public keys to open the funds and claim the coins.

Interaction With Blockchains:  Crypto wallets give you the room to interact and relate with blockchains. There are many benefits attached to this.

First, it allows you to make transactions and purchases using your digital currencies. Also, you will be able to keep an eye on your balance.

Different Types but Similar Functions: There are different types of cryptocurrency wallets. They range from mobile wallets to desktop wallets to web wallets.

As evidenced, this depends on the device or platform on which you are using the wallet. Transaction fees are often attached when wallets are used to run cryptocurrency transactions.

The value of these transaction fees varies and depends on the type of transaction, type of cryptocurrency, and type of wallet.

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