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The Price of Business Digital Network has a new series of outstanding commentaries from thought leaders.  This is one in that series. 

Artist, Author, and Producer Shannon Grissom

In today’s segment, thought leader and creative powerhouse Shannon Grissom talks about the importance of our stories. Especially the stories we tell ourselves… about ourselves. What kinds of stories are you sharing? Do they make you happy? Do they serve you well, or is it time to write new ones?


Shannon shares how she returned from burnout after a long period as a caregiver and began to thrive again by crafting and living better stories. Grissom discovered she was telling herself all kinds of stories about herself that didn’t serve her. So, one by one; she began to replace them with stories that did. And as she did, Grissom found that she had started acting in a way that supported the new stories. She discovered that her mind set the stage, and her body followed through.


Her new stories have healed her life. Her relationships are more robust, and her business is flourishing once again. Grissom admits she still discovers stories that don’t serve her, but her vigilant awareness of her thoughts and words help her change them to ones that do.


Grissom suggests you relinquish your death grip on the false reality to make a positive shift. Instead, embrace the truth that you are truly amazing!


About Shannon Grissom

Grissom is an author, artist, songwriter, teacher, and television producer. She recently published the “Sock Monkey Oracle” with Beyond Words Publishing. To learn more and get inspired, visit You’ll find original artmusicwritingworkshops, and more!


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