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Accomplished composer and showman Gustav Hoyer, an active contributor to the live music and events scene in Colorado, is announcing the launch of a new concert series, new album and brand that will bring an unexpected approach to experiencing classical music. By focusing on creating dynamic, memorable experiences to complement and convey the music, Hoyer hopes to highlight the art form’s relevance to modern audiences.

“Classical music can be intimidating and remote. It’s often shuttered away in stuffy music halls or sparsely attended academic settings. I want to give people a chance to experience this great art form in untraditional ways – to break down the barrier between performer and audience. That is rarely done in this field of music.”

Hoyer has been writing modern music in the classical vocabulary for most of his life. His compositions have been recorded and heard in concerts around the world, but his passion is for something more transcendent: leading audiences to encounters of unexpected beauty in an age of overstimulation.

“Our world is so noisy and crowded, and this style of music asks us to slow down and listen in a way that fills our mind and takes us on an emotional journey,” Hoyer says. “Moments decorated by music, or vibrant sights and rich smells – any time where the senses are engaged on a deeper level stand out in the human memory. My hope is that classical music will be a vehicle for these experiences of ‘decorated time,’ and that the audience will take away a lasting impression of something truly memorable.”

Hoyer’s unique approach to immersive, multi-faceted musical encounters began in Los Angelesalmost a decade ago with The Orchestra Unleashed; since his relocation to Northern Colorado, new audiences have enjoyed numerous opportunities to become acquainted with Hoyer’s performances. His recent collaboration with Fort Collins-based Classical Revolution packed a reduced orchestra inside a planetarium for an interstellar musical journey. Anachronism, a special one-night event, featured a string orchestra and an interactive, steampunk-themed set.  A collaboration with Canyon Concert Ballet and Prost Brewery produced Ballet, Bach & Beer performed in an art gallery.

Hoyer cites a lack of accessibility as a key reason curious listeners might shy away from the genre. “I never would have discovered classical music on my own without someone else welcoming me into it,” he comments. “No matter how people are coming through the door to these performances – a long-time student of the genre or an inquisitive newcomer – I hope this music can be the gateway to an outstanding moment in time.”

Later in the summer, Hoyer will debut The Salon Sessions, a highly curated series of house concerts featuring original music, craft cocktails, and thematic art installations. The event series will mark the release of Hoyer’s new album, Witness. Hosted by local Colorado residents, each concert promises to be an intimate experience harkening back to the way classical music was originally presented.

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