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Move Over Ombré, Hello Balayage

Ombré used to be the trendiest hair style technique for a long time. Balayage is now the most sought-after style trend technique for hair coloring. Both words derive from the French language: Ombré means “shadow,” and Balayage means “sweeping.”

For Ombré, the top is usually a person’s natural dark hair color and shadows down to a lighter color at the end. The middle portion of the hair is typically a shade in between the top dark color and bottom light color, as a shadow. On the other hand, Balayage is subtler and looks more natural. Balayage includes streaking (or sweeping) a lighter shade of your hair color through strands of your hair. This makes it look like you have natural highlights from the sun. More women have been discovering Balayage and asking salons for this technique instead now.

New Nail Coloring Technique

Nail salons always typically have hundreds of nail polish colors for you to choose from. From plain, neon, to sparkly, it often takes a lot of going back and forth between colors. However, rather than your typical nail polish, there is now a new way to have your nails done completely.

Nails salons and their customers have been catching on to dip powder manicures as a new trend. Instead of typical polish, you will be given a base coat and then you simply need to dip your nails into a powder a few times, have it brushed off, coated, and dried under a UV light. This new trend takes less time to paint and dry, all the while lasting longer.

Keeping Your Wardrobe Updated On A Budget

Weddings, graduations, proms, and holiday gatherings all require that you dress up in special occasion clothing. Often, people only wear these outfits once because photos get taken and posted on social media, and fashion trends move in and out of style. Lightly worn expensive designer outfits end up sitting in people’s closets collecting dust.

Poshmark has completely changed that. Poshmark is an application available on your phone and online that not only allows you to sell those clothes that you’ll never wear again, but also “shop” through other people’s “closets” at a discounted value. Many clothes on there have either been minimally worn or not worn at all. Poshmark has allowed people to keep up with the latest fashion trends and purchase designer clothing for much less than retail value.

Enjoyable Workouts

Today, there is no reason for a workout to be boring or dreaded. There are now many workouts that are fun, uplifting, and just as effective as an hour on the treadmill (AKA the “dreadmill”). If you have been skipping workouts, you should try exercise dance. Exercise dance includes Zumba, ballroom dancing, and even at-home Just Dance video games on consoles. Dancing to music that you enjoy will allow you to have fun and before you know it, you’ll have worked up a sweat as if you had been running outside in 90-degree weather.

While some trends in the past have gladly passed, today the trends that are on the rise are ways to have more quality looks, save money, and enjoy doing what once was a drag. With 2018 having such great trends, 2019 is only looking to having even better trends.

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