4 Considerations for Remodeling Your Pool

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Remodeling your pool can breathe new life into your property, especially if your pool is several decades old. A pool remodel might save your pool space, especially if your system is older and may have leaks or other worn-out parts. Remodeling also allows you to install a spa, use a custom shape, add water features, and more.

Here are some of the things to consider with your pool remodel.

1.      Why Do You Need to Remodel?

Of course, you can choose to remodel your pool for any reason! However, there are some clear indications that it’s time to remodel or replace parts of your pool system.

If your system has a leak, or your system is older than a couple of decades, you might want to consider a remodel or system replacement. Leaks are a huge problem that can be dangerous for your pool and your property. An older system may not be functioning correctly, either. You may be using more electricity or other resources to keep your pool going.

You might want to refresh the design of your pool. This can be helpful if you’re trying to sell your home. While pools don’t add much value, older pools with outdated designs are even worse for your bottom line.

The pool surround, lighting, and other features might need to be changed or refreshed, or you might want to add new features to help make your time in your pool even more fun.

Consider why you want to remodel before you get started. Aiming a contractor towards a particular problem is usually the best way to get the results you need.

2.      When Should You Remodel?

When is the right time to contact a pool remodeling service? You might think the summer is the best time, but that’s not exactly correct. If you plan on selling your property in the summer (or if you want to use your pool for the warmer seasons), you’ll want to remodel in the fall or winter.

Try to avoid starting a pool remodel just before the coldest winter months. Work with a contractor to determine how long the remodel will take and when you should get started.

3.      What Are You Going to Remodel?

A pool remodel can mean many different things for your property. You might want to replace your system, repair a leak, or redesign some outdated colors and tiles. These basic remodeling options are common, especially in Florida! However, you might want to improve the overall look and comfort of your pool as well.

First, you need to determine what you want to remodel. Working with a contractor can help you iron out improvements that you want to make, including options for different features and updates. Once you have the changes you want to be ironed out, a contractor can help you put the plan into motion.

4.      Take It to the Next Level

Basic remodels are valid, but sometimes you want to go a little off the rails and make your pool a cool, well-designed oasis. Here are some ideas for how you can change basic parts of your pool to improve how you use it.

  • Sun Shelves. A sun shelf is an elevated section in your pool that is only a few inches deep. This is great for kids who aren’t sure how to swim yet, and it’s a great way to introduce your youngest children to the water. Some sun shelves also allow you to place loungers and pool chairs half in the water, so you can comfortably soak your feet without getting in.
  • Dramatic Light. Choose LED lighting to give your pool a beautiful, ethereal look at night. Choose blue or purple lights to really make your pool stand out. Simple colored lights can make all the difference if you often use your pool at night.
  • Spas and Lagoons. The best pools have hot tubs attached. Some have lagoon features, which use rocks, vegetation, and waterfalls to create an oasis in your backyard. These options can help you recreate the feel of your pool entirely, especially if your tastes have changed over the years.


When you’re ready to elevate your poolside experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. As a Boca Raton pool remodeling service, the contractors at Flōridian can help you give your existing pool a facelift. Call for a free quote on your remodel!


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