The Role that Short Bursts of Intense Exercise in Weight Loss

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For a long time now fitness enthusiasts have been looking for the most efficient way to burn fat. Well new research, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has analyzed results from all the previous studies to reach a definitive conclusion that bursts of high intensity interval training (HiiT) are more effective for weight loss than longer less intense periods of exercise.

In fact, the research shows that people following a HiiT routine see 28.5% greater weight loss than those performing lower intensity interval training.

Elliot Bendelow, a Dubai personal trainer with over a decade of experience in helping clients achieve their weight loss goals, commented, “HiiT is defined as cardiovascular exercise which involves repeated brief bursts of intense effort, interspersed with recovery periods. When comparing the weight loss results from HiiT regimes compared to longer continuous and moderate intensity workouts, I definitely see better results from my HiiT based clients.”

The studies showed that those doing HiiT lost on average 1.58kg (3.48lb) compared with the 1.13kg (2.49lb) lost by those doing lower intensity workouts.

The results seem counter intuituve to many people as most gym goers still expect to lose more weight simply by working out for a longer period of time, even if it is at lower intensity levels. This was evident by a poll taken by GymNation on its members, which showed that 68% were of the opinion longer and lower intense periods of exercise would burn more fat than a more intense but shorter HiiT session.

Elliot Bendelow went on to state: “There are two explanations for this. Firstly, the real magic of HiiT, is that it results in continued energy expenditure in the 24 hours after you stop exercise, something known as ‘After Burn.’ Hard to believe but you continue to burn calories even after you have stopped exercising! Lower intensity training doesn’t product the same After Burn effect.”

“Secondly, after a HiiT session, you may be less hungry as your appetite is reduced due to the effect vigorous exercise has on your hormones.”

However, Kate Austin a Personal Trainer at GymNation, which is one of the best gyms in Dubai warned, “Whilst HiiT is great for weight loss, it may not be suitable for everyone, particularly those who are completely new to fitness, as it may increase the risk of injury and impose higher stress on the body and muscles.”

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