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Humankind has been screen printing in one way or the other for centuries. Screen printing originated in China as far back as the 10th century AD. Since then it has continued to evolve and develop incorporating modern methods along the way. With the advent of digital means, the business has found new avenues of expression and is continuing to grow today.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is an advanced form of stenciling. It involves a form of woven mesh or a silkscreen stretched across a frame. A stencil showcases the image that will appear on the printed medium. You can use a variety of print media ranging from paper, fabric, plastic, etc. The printed medium can be both flat and round.

Now, printers are used in the process of screen printing and the image to be produced on the printed medium is made on the computer screen.

Setting up your own screen-printing business

If you want to get into the screen-printing business, you can start one from the scratch or you can buy an already established screen printing business that is up for grabs. The latter might not be a feasible option, as you may or may not find a business that is being sold, so you can start working on the former.

Make a business plan

The first and foremost thing to do if you want to start a screen-printing business or any form of business for that matter is to prepare a business plan for it. In this plan, you have to estimate the start-up and running costs of the business, know and understand your target market, determine your profit margin, estimate your cash flows and working capital requirements, and decide how and where would you get the funding to start your business.

Estimating the costs

It is very important to decide on the initial costs of setting up your business and the cost of running it. This will give you an idea of how much capital you will require at the beginning of your business.

What could be the costs of setting up a screen-printing business? You will need to buy equipment like printers, supplies, and the fabric or whatever you decide to use for screen printing. Based on your needs, the printer can cost you from US$5,000 to close to US$100,000. It all depends on what type of printing you would require from it. If you want to screen print on tee-shirts, then you would buy a bulk of them from the market. You can decide upon the actual quantity in your business plan. A good thing about the screen printing business is that you can run it from your home. You don’t have to open a store for it. But if you insist on getting a separate space for it then you will have to add the cost of leasing a store in your estimated costs as well.

Getting funding for your screen-printing business

Once you have arrived at an estimated amount that you would need to set up your screen-printing business, the next step is to find a source to finance it. Broadly speaking there are two types of small business loans.

Secured business loans: These are loans that are backed by some kind of security like your house, land, stock, etc. They are usually for 5 years or more and can carry large amounts.

Unsecured business loans: These loans are not backed by any security and these are primarily small business loans for a period of up to 3-5 years.

VIP Capital Funding: Ideal for small business loans:

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How to get a loan from VIP Capital Funding?

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