Skip Tracing and Staying Ahead of Your Competition

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I use skip tracing on a daily basis in my business. It is a vital component in helping buy about a hundred houses per year. Plenty of real estate investors send out postcards to targeted prospects, but, most of them fall short in that mass mailing strategy.

While other investors are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, I take the return postcards (Normally thrown away) and I’m using skip tracing to find those lost owners like this system adds a value most investors are not even touching.

Let’s face it, if my postcard got returned to sender then so did every other investor’s postcard. If I can find that lost owner I’ll be in the room with them all by myself!

The competition out there has never been tougher out there. Whether  you’re dealing with collections, trying  to find motivated sellers, or trying to settle an estate, it pays to have a skip trace software that is powerful, affordable and effective.  

Don’t stop where your competition stops. Move forward and find the prospects that are hard to find. I want you to outperform your competition by going the extra mile. Trust me, it will make a world of difference. 

Getting the most powerful software is key. Many software’s out there promise and then under deliver. You’ll get tired of calling bad phone numbers and connecting with unrelated parties fast. Not all skip trace software is equal. I refer a guy named Larry to my students all the time.

Here’s the important part; Larry not only helps them get set up, he also shows them how to find the information they needed and how to use that information once they’ve gotten their hands on it. If you’d like to reach out to Larry simply go to

In my recent interview we go in further detail on skip tracing and the advantages of using it.

You can hear more here.

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