Self-Employment in America: How Do Make the Dream Come True

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It’s no secret that America is a very startup-friendly country. The will to start one’s own business has always been particularly high in the United States. In a recent study on job satisfaction and entrepreneurship in America, IONOS SE has explored this phenomenon. 

500 Americans were asked about their current job situation, their ideas about their dream job, and the influence of the pandemic on entrepreneurship. But that’s not all: the quantitative study also looked at the issue of sustainability and the increasing popularity of start-ups in rural areas. It uncovered some interesting facts. 

Starting-up as a path to independence 

According to the IONOS study, about 80% of Americans would like to start their own business. Reasons for this include the desire to be their own boss, flexible working hours, and the hope of a higher income. Perhaps the greatest reason, is the hope for a better life – 35% of the participants stated they are dissatisfied with their current jobs. Could self-employment be the answer to unhappiness at work? 

Clearing obstacles out of the way 

Despite the high urge for self-employment, few Americans turn their dream into reality. The study looked into why this is the case. The most common fears for Americans when starting a business include financial worries and a lack of a solid business idea. The solution? Americans would like to see more financial support from the government so they can take the first step towards starting their own businesses. 

For mothers, starting up is especially difficult – at least that’s what the participants think. There is still a lot of work to be done before motherhood and running a business is more openly accepted by society; and until mothers receive more support. 

Further Facts: The study in a nutshell 

The study uncovered a variety of interesting findings; 

  • ●  Lone wolf: Starting up alone seems more popular than with a business partner
  • ●  Pandemic promotes emancipation: more women can imagine becoming
  • ●  Digital future riders: Digital business models are playing an increasingly
    important role for young people
  • ●  Technology centers no longer the focus: start-ups in rural areas are becoming
    the norm
  • ●  Fighting for the earth: future founders are increasingly concerned about

Protect the environment for success
Most participants in the study agree that sustainability will lead the way in future start-ups. However, the well-being of the earth does not seem to be the top priority: men in particular see sustainability as a promise for a successful company. If you want to learn more about what role sustainability plays for Americans when starting a business, how they feel about start-ups, and why older people in particular seem to have an advantage when starting a business, download the IONOS SE Survey “New Insight into Entrepreneurship in America” here for free!

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