Privacy Change Is Reshaping the Internet

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Internet privacy has been a topic of hot debate over the past few years, particularly for mobile platforms as app permissions have become the focus – major changes from Apple last year saw more transparency being a major change, and it seems Google will be looking to do the same on Android platforms too. Plenty of apps in entertainment have made significant change here too in order to keep privacy at the forefront, traditional offline services like betting have moved online to platforms like those at, and user privacy has been one of the biggest features making these sorts of service stand out.

With an increased push for digital privacy, the way we currently use the internet will be going through some larger changes and many that users may be increasingly aware of too – Google obviously being one of the bigger players in the market there are a lot of eyes on the changes they’ll make in particular, one big change already announced is the step away from the use of cookies in order to track user data and find a new solution with hopes that this different solution can be rolled out throughout 2022 to the Chrome browser. Given this will have a huge impact on the way many businesses operate as the use of cookies has been essential in advertising and all things web, the new solution needs to be developed well enough that it doesn’t cause too large of a disruption.

Users have also become more aware of the way data is being used, whether through an increase in the number of spam calls, texts, and emails being received almost daily through improper data sharing, or the transparency that has come with which services share data with each other and as such users are more aware that by agreeing to any privacy rights a service asks to be granted, data isn’t just sticking with that one provider and instead being shared around a large group instead.

For now the solution hasn’t been entirely figured out, businesses that relied on targeted ads for example will need to find new solutions as user data will slowly fade away from being the currency of the internet and something new will take its place – initiatives such as the GDPR launch for Europe may have only been the start, but user privacy will be shaping the way users use the internet, and with more awareness than ever before and the tech giants being more transparent too, services as we know them today will look very different over the course of 2022 and beyond.

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