Pulling on Clinton’s Back

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By Republican Main Street Partnership, Special for USDR

“The American people have made it clear that out-of-control government spending and rampant over regulation of every aspect of our lives must come to an end. This can occur only if the House and Senate stay in Republican control and we continue to have checks and balances in this Country. Supporting Donald Trump is no longer expected of Republicans this year, understandably. A Republican Senate can protect the Supreme Court from a generation of liberal activism, and a Republican House can prevent overreach from another liberal Administration.

Donald Trump’s attitudes and behavior toward women, having now been made clear for all to see, are utterly appalling. No man I respect would ever show such blatant disregard for women. Trump’s misogyny does not in any way represent the Republican Party I know and love, nor would it ever be tolerated within the Republican Main Street Partnership, whose members are working to help women achieve full and equal participation in every facet of American life. We as Republicans will forcefully repudiate this kind of corrosive and hurtful behavior whenever it occurs, as we re-double our efforts toward maintaining the critically important Republican majorities in both the House and Senate.”

As President & CEO of the Republican Main Street Partnership, Sarah Chamberlain is the only woman to lead a national Republican organization.

SOURCE Republican Main Street Partnership

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