Planning A Surprise Party 101: # Quick Tips

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Surprise parties are certainly not a new thing. With proper planning and attention to detail, they can become a delightful surprise for the person that you are celebrating.


So what exactly is a surprise party? It’s when friends and family gather together to celebrate an occasion and do so in secret – not letting the person who’s being celebrated know about it beforehand.


Surprise parties are great for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and even marriages.


Planning the Party

Follow these easy tips to ensure a successful surprise party:


Plan Ahead


Try to get your main guests together at least two weeks before the actual day of the event to organize who is doing what.

Schedule your party in advance as possible, this will also allow for some time to get organized. It is simpler to plan a party when you know roughly how many people will be attending and what they like to eat.


Delegate Tasks


Having different people cook, clean, and do other tasks is the best way to keep the surprise party a secret.

However, don’t expect everybody to do all the work – it’s a good idea to give people a list of things that they need to do and ask them what they can do. This will enable you to compare all the tasks that each person has asked for and decide who should be doing what.


Invest In The Decor


From quick and easy party decor ideas to ideas that are more involved, getting your venue looking right is important.

Simple things like a few balloons, streamers, and a table cloth can add to the decor. It’s a good idea to have everybody bring some sort of party favor (food or other).


Have A Backup Plan


The last thing you want is for the whole thing to be in place and for something to go wrong just before the party is supposed to take place.

It’s always wise to have a backup plan that you can draw on if anything does go wrong, this might involve a different way of getting your guest of honor to the party or even asking them to come early.


Make It Memorable


The best way to make the party memorable is to have your guest of honor be surprised with something that they won’t expect.


Encourage guests to dress up in costumes and have some cake or other food at the ready when you surprise them. The guest of honor will appreciate that you went through so much just for them.


Surprise parties are planned secretly and then executed at the last minute so having fun elements of surprise is important.

Celebrate The Occasion


The actual surprise party is the final part of the preparations. Try to keep decorations simple and focus on your guests -this is for them, after all.


You can also try making some fun party games for your guests to play, or organize them into teams and have everybody bring their own contribution to an activity that everyone can enjoy -like karaoke or games.

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