National Start-up and Free Home Delivery

Reading Time: < 1 minute, the only automotive site that offers fleet-like pricing by grouping car shoppers together, announced today its highly-anticipated national launch in the U.S. The national expansion comes as the company fundraises $10M, widening the reach of buyers and bringing forth a new free home delivery feature for added convenience to the shopper.

CarBuckets groups buyers and lessees around the U.S. by the brand of car they want and places them in a national “Bucket.” Car dealerships nationwide compete for the business of that group and the dealer with the lowest price wins. CarBuckets then connects each buyer with the winning dealership and shoppers receive a quote online, review the paperwork, and sign the contract – all from the comfort of their home.

On average, CarBuckets users are saving 40 percent more than if they were using another car-buying site or shopping on their own. By grouping car buyers together, dealers are willing to further lower their prices for each individual car in the group than if each car buyer approached the dealership on their own because there are more sales at stake.

“After numerous requests from shoppers outside of the current markets we serve, we’re excited to enhance the car shopping experience across the U.S. with the national launch of CarBuckets,” said Alexandra Esteve, founder and CEO of CarBuckets. “By increasing dealer competition to a national scale, CarBuckets users can get the best deal available in the entire country without ever having to step foot in a dealership or get bombarded with phone calls, texts and emails from countless dealers.”

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