Most Dangerous Roads in the United States

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The open road is something that most drivers find incredibly relaxing. Beautiful scenery combined with twists, turns, and hills is all it takes to inspire a sense of wonder and adventure. However, the United States is home to some of the most dangerous roads in existence. Here are some of the more terrifying (although thrilling) in the country. 

Dalton Highway

With over 400 miles stretching through Alaska, Dalton Highway travels through everything from remote forests to the Yukon River. Aside from the ice and snow, there is a 240-mile stretch that leaves drivers completely isolated from civilization. 

During this part of the journey, there are no gas stations, hotels, or service spots in sight. The road is home to so many casualties that authorities regularly patrol it with helicopters to look for stranded vehicles. 


Interstate 10, stretching 2,460 miles, has long been considered one of America’s most dangerous roads. Dimly lit and home to the highest number of drunk driving accidents, I-10 is notorious to any accident attorney in New Orleans. It remains the state’s highest in accidents per mile. 


Nevada also has an incredibly dangerous interstate. I-15 features a 181-mmile stretch heading from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in California, but the Vegas side earned the title of deadliest road in 2010. Over 1,000 individuals have lost their lives on its blacktop in the last 15 years. 

Highway 2

Montana is relatively flat, but Highway 2 managed to take what should be a leisurely drive and turn into a nightmare. This stretch of road is largely remote, leaving crashed cars without any help in sight. With a 70mph speed limit through winding mountain roads, its also one of the only curvy roads Montana has to offer. Plus, steep side banks can spell disaster in winter conditions. 

Million Dollar Highway

Travelling through a 10,000-foot mountain pass, Million Dollar Highway has plenty of hazards. Its hairpin turns lack guardrails, the climb is enough to stall engines, and sweeping winds have been known to push smaller vehicles over its edge. Plenty of families have found compensation through a wrongful death lawyer over this road. 


Located in Arizona, I-10 takes drivers straight through the heart of the desert. Cars are known to die from overheating on this road, leaving their drivers stranded in sweltering heat during the day and freezing temperatures at night. Even worse, there are plenty of deadly creatures once the sun sets. 

Interstate 285

Every city experiences immense traffic, but no road has it worse than Atlanta’s Interstate 285. This road sees so much traffic amidst its sharp turns and interchanges that there are roughly 3.5 fatal crashes for every ten miles. Trucking accidents are also common with several tractor trailers passing through at any given time. 

Highway 17

Highway 17 is a gorgeous stretch of road lined by trees in South Carolina. Unfortunately, those trees can often hide its sharp turns and sudden dips. Wildlife is also an issue here, with deer and mountain lions known to jump out in front of cars without a moment’s notice. 

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