Meet YouTuber Kale Anders who Runs The #1 Leading Online English Academy in Latin America

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English remains the most important language for international communication. It is spoken in 53 countries by around 400 million people across the globe. Learning this language helps you communicate with native English speakers and increases your chances of working in a multinational company.

English also remains the language of entertainment. Many of the world’s famous films, songs, and books are in English. When books are translated, the meaning can either change or be lost altogether. That’s why it’s important to learn English as it provides you with an opportunity to enjoy your favorite films, books, and songs in their native language. English is also the language of the internet, as it represents 25.9% of internet users across the globe. 

As such, be it for entertainment, socialization, or job opportunities, English remains an important language. However, learning a second language is hard. A recent study shows that Spanish speakers take a longer time to learn English. What if there is an easier way towards language acquisition? We talked to Kale Anders, Founder of Online Academy, on how Spanish speakers can learn English fast. 

Kale Anders: Bio 

Back in 2016, Kale Anders went to Mexico to pursue further studies. While he was there, he immersed himself in the Mexican culture, and in three months, he was a fluent Spanish speaker. Kale created some unorthodox ways to speed up the learning process. It took him three months to learn Spanish using his unorthodox means. This success motivated him, and he began teaching himself about learning language theories. 

Kale was 25 years old when he decided to venture into online entrepreneurship. He saw the advancement of social media platforms as an effective way to teach a language. Today, platforms such as Youtube have become quite popular as language learning platforms. YouTube is every language learner’s dream. With YouTube, you get access to learning material that can help you become fluent within months. Kale is the first entrepreneur to leverage the benefits of YouTube. He set up his channel, where he shares tips on how to learn the Spanish language fast. The entrepreneur also encourages his students to use Facebook as a learning tool. He advises them to interact with friends who speak English as their first language. Kale states that through holding conversations via social media, and face to face, a learner can master grammar rules such as pronunciation quickly. 

Online English Academy 

Besides YouTube, Kale also owns an Online Academy where he offers English learning lessons to Spanish students. The course is affordable compared to the costs incurred when learning in a physical learning institution. Furthermore, during this COVID-19 Pandemic, online learning offers a much safer and more convenient way to learn language learning. Kale offers students numerous online materials that consist of a fun way of learning grammar rules, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Some of the fun ways include taking a self-study video while learning a language. 

Kelly’s Online Academy has been a massive success since its inception. He managed to expand the company from zero to 900K a month in less than six months. Moreover, Kale’s YouTube site has over 1.4 million subscribers. The young entrepreneur has had a huge impact and influence on how Spanish speakers learn English. Kale saw a gap in the market and turned it into a profitable business. Through his business model, he has managed to turn thousands of Spanish speakers into fluent English language learners. 

One of the factors that Kale cites as being integral to English learning is motivation. Motivation is a key factor in determining one’s success or failure in a particular task. All teachers, material developers, and researchers agree that motivation is a key ingredient in mastering a second language. This is because motivation influences purpose and the direction to follow in the learning process. According to Kale, with the right motivation, you can immerse yourself into the culture of the target language and master it within 90 days. 

Kale has managed to use his talent in language learning to change the world. His online platform is one of the leading language learning sites in Latin America. If you are interested in learning English, you can reach out to him via email

Featured image used by permission of Kale Anders

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