Mastering the Most Important Skill Public Speaking

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By the Price of Business Show, Hosted by Kevin Price.  The Price of Business is a media partner of this site. 

Many people’s greatest fear often becomes the path to success. #1 greatest fear is Public Speaking and many would rather die than get in front of an audience. Kevin Price recently interviewed Rosalyn Kahn, a Tedx Speaker, Author and Professor of Public speaking. Since Kevin Price has hosted a large number of radio interviews; he pays great attention to detail, determines the best place to begin and asks powerful questions. He covered the entire interview in 10 minutes.  In this interview, you will learn three key principles: advising people on speaking, writing a book and speaking when you are not prepared.

Rosalyn advised the importance of taking a unique perspective. For instance she referred to one of her TEDx talks, Bringing Language to Life. Most people learn English through rote and repetition. Rosalyn brought the language out by taking the students see theatre and reflecting on their language learning.

Next they addressed the process, of writing a book. Here you can learn to understand the books subject. Rosalyn books come from her passions of reading and focusing on her interest. You can learn the power of kindness and therapeutic value of dogs and roses. Both of these offer healing and best of all she discusses her connection to support veterans.

The interview concluded with the question: how to speak when you are not prepared. She advised turning the question into a topic you are familiar and be both authentic and vulnerable.

I enjoyed the interview and appreciated honor of being on his show. Especially appreciated the lessons from Kevin’s father. Thank you! Please enjoy the show and be certain to share it with your friends.

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