How You Can Benefit from Facebook Geofencing Advertising

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Facebook is the leading social media platform available. More than one billion users log on to the website or app every day. So it is quite obvious that this platform with so many active users could be a great resource to the advertising industry. 

Facebook Geofencing has Changed the Way Companies Advertise Online

Many advertising experts have already found that Facebook is an excellent advertising platform to use with geofencing ads

Business owners who are unsure about Facebook advertising as a whole , should be reassured that it is now known as one of the very best places to advertise your business. Regardless of your company’s size or what industry you are involved in. 

For those who need a little more convincing, during the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion users per month. Those statistics alone show just how popular Facebook is and how beneficial it’s platform to be to all types of advertisers. 

Facebook has such a large following that it would be a waste of your time not to consider using their services for your advertising needs unless you’re thinking about using a Linkedin endorsement service. Here are a few basic details on why you need to start geofencing Facebook ads. 

The Ability to Create a Virtual Fence Around Any Location 

Geofencing Facebook ads makes it possible for you to create a virtual fence around practically any location. And by using Facebook’s tools and resources, the process of narrowing down your target audience is simpler than ever before. 

Create a Virtual Fence Around Your Competitors Location 

With Facebook geofencing capabilities, you also have the ability to create a virtual fence around your competitor’s location as well. So if you own a restaurant across the street from your competition, you can create a virtual fence around them. This will cause their customers to see your ads every time they enter or leave the designated area. 

Facebook geofencing offers many more benefits for all types of businesses from retailers to hair salons and everything in between. It doesn’t take long to get started wit geofencing ads and once you do, you will start to wonder how you ever operated a business without them. 

If you are interested in using Facebook geo fencing for your advertising purposes, our team is here to help. We have digital marketing experts on hand who can help you put together a superior campaign that will help you draw in more customers than ever before. Contact us today for more details. 

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