How To Develop a Hybrid Approach To Success

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Daphne Michaels, Special for USADC
Personal and professional success can be a mysterious pursuit. While there are teachers, books and programs that focus on helping you reach your highest potential, no one approach is right for everyone. Your approach to success must change as you change and as your situation changes. We need to be fluid in our approach. While the following list of is by no means exhaustive, here are 3 unique approaches that will help you develop success-fluidity:
1.Solo-success focuses on you reaching new milestones by developing your gifts and talents. Look for opportunities to personally contribute at work and in community. Philosophers, artists and craftspeople use this approach as well as thought leaders and organizational creatives.
2. Collaborative-success allows a group to bring their gifts and talents together to offer something unique and valuable. Medical, scientific and technological breakthroughs are often the result of collaborative-success. Organizations that encourage collaborative-success benefit greatly.
3. Support-success highlights the value of being supportive to another person or group’s success. Sponsors, consultants, right-hand people, and strategists use this approach. Engaging in support-success at some level goes a long way!
Being aware of opportunities to use these three approaches will help you develop a hybrid approach to success where you can be creative, collaborative and supportive simultaneously. Your influence and contributions will multiply regardless of how you or your situation is changing.
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