How To De-Stress and Work Less

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed Anne Lyons to provide another commentary in a series.

The Anne Lyons Commentaries

Stress, worry, anxiety, and overwork can easily be overcome

All it takes is changing how you think. Sounds impossible?  It’s not.

Today is the first in the Price of Business’s Challenging Your Thinking series with mindset mentor and executive performance coach Anne Lyons, who will explore and explain how easy it is solve almost any problem – just by using the power of your mind.

And Lyons should know, she has experienced them all, and more, having spent more than 20 years as a senior executive in the Australian Government, and now as CEO of her own business.

“I’m sharing what I know because if I can change my life from being a burnt-out single Mum stuck in my own limiting, frustrating rat wheel of a life to become a leader in my field, and now a mindset guru, making a positive difference in the world, then anyone can,” Lyons said.

“My Challenging Your Thinking series will cover everything from overcoming imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage and anxiety as well as how to create lasting change in all areas of life, while having a heap of fun along the way, “ Lyons said.

Based in a small village outside of Canberra, the capital of Australia, Lyons works with senior executives to help them permanently de-stress, get back their energy and drive and reduce their working week by at least eight hours without sacrificing their productivity, home life, relationships, values or fun.

The reality she lives now is very different to the life she had earlier in her career.

Having spent years burning the candle at both ends, striving to climb the corporate ladder, and working long hours in high level roles as a single Mum, Lyons was unhealthy, overworked, super stressed, unhappy with parts of her life and constantly feeling guilty that she was letting her daughter down.

“It was unsustainable – so I changed, going on a journey of self-discovery and learning that improved every aspect of my life,” Lyons said.

“Along the way I discovered the amazing transformational power of the mind, and how, without too much effort, we can solve problems, and improve our results almost instantly, as well as those of our colleagues and organisations.”

According to Lyons, results can happen quickly, if people are prepared to apply themselves, and be open to challenging and changing the current way they think about things.

In the Price of Business’s Challenging Your Thinking series Lyons will explore the many and varied ways people’s mindsets and thinking can easily solve and overcome problems in today’s workplaces, homes and relationships.

It will include how to transition from being stressed to calm in a few seconds, getting rid of imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs, phobias and debilitating fears, as well as stopping self-sabotage and smashing stress, worry and anxiety.

But it’s not just about problem solving – it’s about transformation.

“It’s about creating genuine lasting breakthroughs and reaching goals, big and small, in all areas of life – career, health, money, fitness and relationships,” Lyons said.

“From hypnosis in the workplace to the amazing strategy of “doing  nothing” my Challenging Your Thinking series will shine a light on and help people use the best tool they have, their mind.”

From simple and practical ‘design thinking’ tools to behavioural science, and neuro linguistic techniques Lyons will help people:

  • shift their limited thinking
  • create new mindsets,
  • get clear on what they want
  • set goals and start working to achieve them
  • break through and solve what is holding them back
  • and create a life-long ability to learn and change easily


“The world needs more of this kind of help right now and it starts with you being in control of the change you want to see.”

An internationally known thought leader, executive and high performance coach, and a leadership consultant, Anne Lyons can be contacted on her website, by email or hop on her weekly workshop  to help people de-stress and work less.



Anne Lyons is an internationally known thought leader, an executive and high performance coach, and a leadership consultant

She mentors individuals in developing a mindset for success. She is a strategist for corporations and individuals.  She is a facilitator and speaker as well.

Lyons is also well known in geopolitical policy circles having served as a visiting fellow at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) in the International Cyber Policy Centre.

Her education experiences include a BA in communications and indigenous studies from the University of New England, Master Practitioner training in NLP from QC Seminars, and she is a graduate from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

At her website,, she uses several novel approaches to help clients achieve success. This includes developing leaders at all levels, a “Goal Getters Club” that helps stressed out executives reach major breakthroughs in every aspect of their lives, and executive coaching.

She was sought out by the nationally syndicated Price of Business show as a commentator because of her contributions as a thought leader in industry.


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