Hope Alcocer will Release Her Sophomore Novel

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Women’s advocate, entrepreneur and author of “Where Hope Lies” Hope Alcocer and will be publishing her new book “30 Things Before 30” on March 20 and embarking on a digital and national media campaign this year geared towards young women across the country.

For many, bidding adieu to their 20s reminds them of the things they did not accomplish the decade before. To many, it’s known as the end of an era that served as the conduit between ignorant adolescence and achieving self-actualizing as they genuinely come into adulthood. For many, they mourn it. They condemn their newfound wrinkles, streaks of gray hair and accepting a new form of monotony. Leave it to women’s advocate, author and entrepreneur Hope Alcocer to redefine what it means to dance into their 30s — thriving, prosperous and ready to release her sophomore novel.

This month, on March 20, Alcocer is publishing her new book 30 Things Before 30. Its release comes just days after Alcocer kisses her 20s goodbye and celebrates her 30th birthday. This book explores 30 different lessons and notions Alcocer has learned the hard way: lessons of love and career, sex and scandal, health and the pursuit of happiness.

In her new book, Alcocer encourages others to avoid that next unhealthy relationship and how to do so. She pleads with readers to stop waiting for someone to love them and instead, just learn to love themselves. She challenges readers to adopt self-care regimens, get that next job they’ve been hoping for and cut toxic cords. While many books of this genre hold a formal, generic instructional tone, Alcocer’s new book is one that feels as if the reader is carrying on a heartfelt conversation with her — uncensored, passionate, with bits of humor strewn throughout the 30 chapters.

“If I can spare any woman anywhere in the world an ounce of heartache, difficulty or confusion, if I can save them a couple of moments of their precious time, then my struggle was worth it. If I can share the wisdom I have gleaned so that my readers don’t have to take the rocky detours I had to, then my growing pains and my ‘WTF’ moments were worth something,” Alcocer writes in the introduction to this book.

“30 Things Before 30” will be available in paperback on March 20 through her website (www.30tb30.com), Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. Digital versions for platforms will be available in March 2018 as well. The audiobook version is expected to become available April 2018.

Hope is currently booking for summer events, readings and speaking opportunities geared towards young women across the country. She is scheduling for her upcoming book tour and seeks to speak on college campuses, female networks, women’s events and female-driven conferences around the country. All inquiries regarding interviews, speaking engagements and partnerships should be directed to Sara Briggs at pr@hopealcocer.co or to Hope directly at hello@wonderwomanmedia.com.

Hope Alcocer is a Chicago-born, Michigan-raised, New York transplant. “30 Things Before 30” is her second book. Her first book “Where Hope Lies,” a fictional novel, was released on International Women’s Day in 2017. Hope holds a diverse background in public relations and digital marketing in an array of industries, specifically within the music and lifestyle sectors. She launched a woman’s empowerment magazine at age 21 and starting her own media agency at age 22. Her passion lies in music and that passion is channeled through her marketing- and promotion-based roles within the music industry.

In her spare time, Hope can be found spending time with her over-the-top Armenian family, traveling, checking out the closest punk rock concert, drinking way too much champagne with her girlfriends or attending a fitness class with a gluten-free smoothie in hand.

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