Even if Supporting Impeachment, Be Concerned About the Democrats’ Approach

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Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show recently discussed the latest in the Impeachment debate. All the more timely after the House voted for guidelines on the process going forward.

The President has done plenty to warrant such an inquiry:
* The opaque ways he and his companies might be making money– potentially through the government
* His handling of the Ukraine situation, which is increasingly looking like he did commit a “quid pro quo” to support his own personal objectives
*  How he had every right to fire (now former) FBI Director James Comey because of how the latter horribly mishandled Hillary Clinton’s case, but only took action against him because of the Director’s investigation into the Trump campaign and alleged Russian collusion.
It is difficult. There seems to be two types of personalities in the Impeachment battle. One group seems to want one no matter what and no matter if it is done utterly inappropriately. The other does not want one regardless of how necessary it may be. There must be a third way. One that honors rule of law and the Constitutional process.

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