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By the Price of Business Show, Hosted by Kevin Price.  The Price of Business is a media partner of this site. 

Kevin Price recently sat down with Harrison Rogers, the Arizona local CEO of HJR Global, to discuss the benefits of the “always learning” mentality for individual and business success on Price of Business Radio. HJR Global is an Arizona based venture capital firm committed to aiding business owners in the growth and maintenance of their business. Rogers, a glowing representation of entrepreneurship and business acumen in the Valley of the Sun, is an advocate for local business and believes that there are many routes to prosperity through information and awareness. Whether that’s through traditional educational structures, which can work well for certain types of people, or through non-traditional routes for individuals with a different mindset. They emphasize that these avenues for education can be just as beneficial to owners and employees who struggle with the traditional learning model, directing access to diverse means of improvement such as seminars or even just an open attitude for adjustments in the face of adversity. Rogers also indicated that he believes that the warning signs of a business struggling doesn’t necessarily indicate that owners and employees are incompetent or powerless. Instead, Price and Rogers examined the merit of  passion for growth and change in an ever-shifting business landscape where applying a little creativity and an eager will can yield great results. Rogers also laid out some of the pitfalls that businesses can avoid in order to be successful or to grow in the wake of costly decisions. Harrison Rogers wants to help Arizona businesses grow and thrive in the community and more information can be found about the work his company is doing at hjrglobal.com.

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