Advice for Law Firms on How to Increase Social Media Awareness

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As part of their commitment to teach companies how to self-promote across social media channels, internet marketing firm, fishbat, shares 3 tips on growing your law firm’s social media accounts to increase awareness.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter reaching record numbers of monthly users, making it more important than ever to incorporate social sharing into your law firm’s comprehensive marketing plan. Social media is no longer just a networking tool for students; it’s a viable avenue to promote your brand.

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media for recommendations on products and services, making it essential to be an active part of these online discussions, thereby growing awareness of your law firm, and client base as well.

Keep reading for tips essential for building awareness of your law firm through its social media accounts.

Be Creative with Your Content
It is not enough to establish social media accounts for your law firm. Utilizing your social accounts means just that, and the best way to make great use of your social media presence is to share relevant content with your followers.

An easy way to get started is by creating a blog for your law firm where you can publish original articles and content that is relevant to your area of expertise. While you can use the blog to explain basic legal concepts, truly engaging content will go beyond the basics of law school. Content that hits the sweet spot of trending topics and legal issues is perfect for sharing. Check out Twitter’s trending section for ideas. If any of the most buzzed-about topics have legal ramifications, write about it and share your firm’s viewpoints across its social media accounts. Sharing creative, original content will not only drive traffic to your law firm’s website, it will also establish your firm as an authoritative figure and industry leader to current and future clients.

Don’t Forget the Visuals
Visuals can be a unique, captivating technique to inform your followers. The most shared posts on social media are frequently images and videos. Creating, producing and editing a series of videos might occupy more time and resources than your law firm can dedicate to social media promotion, but creating compelling images is an easier way to capture likes, shares and follows.

Brightly colored infographics rich with relevant data and statistics can be produced in a relatively short amount of time and are shareable across social media channels. Even if your law firm lacks the resources to conduct market research studies and surveys, you still have access to a wealth of data from credible sources such as local and federal government agencies.

Think both in terms of your law firm’s specialty and your clients’ interest. For example, if your firm specializes in DUI cases, consult your local Department of Transportation for relevant statistics to create a visual image of the data. If your area of expertise is in Criminal Defense, look to the Department of Justice for the statistics on sentencing for common offenses.

Pay to Promote
Your law firm’s advertising and marketing budget is incomplete if it doesn’t allocate some resources to social media promotion. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all have the option to promote posts to a targeted audience – take advantage of it. Paid promotion will extend your law firm’s reach on social media to more prospective clients.

One major caveat: Promote your firm’s social media content, not its services. Social media users can be doubtful of paid advertising but are more likely to embrace content when it’s relevant.

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