6 WordPress Themes for a Great Looking Website

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As modern technology becomes more and more popular, indispensable parts of your everyday life are different websites and blogs. WordPress is a popular website for building blogs or other websites and it has so many tools for it. 


What are the WordPress Themes? 


A WordPress Theme represents a collection of files that work together to produce a GUI (Graphical Using Interface) for a website. Those files are called template files. There are so many free themes. They are used for coloring every part of your story, from characters to the actions. Users can choose design, layout and features.


Here are some of them:

1. Sage


You’ll need to be familiar with some of the tools Sage offers. Sage WordPress theme was created to make some functions easier if you are a WordPress developer. That is an open-source theme for WordPress. It can be used for small sites. In Sage you’ll find an improved project structure and better template organisation.

2. Divi


Divi is high quality and interactive WordPress theme. Divi combines great features and amazing looks and it’s a truly useful multipurpose WordPress theme. It’a a great choice for the creative DIY users. If you want to use it, you’ll need to join the Elegant Themes club and pay $89. With no coding, you can make an amazing website- just add, move and delete.  

3. Kalium 


Kalium is intended for professionals and it has over 600 incredible Google Fonts. It can be helpful if you are a Designer, Blogger, Freelancer or just creative. Kalium mixes design and helps you with organizing excellent sites. In Kalium you can choose between different layouts to customize your main menu area and after making a post, you can decide which link, video, image or quote you want to add.

4. Uncode


Uncode is an innovative multipurpose WordPress theme for creating different types of websites. It is one of the bestselling WordPress themes, it allows you to take full control over your layouts and designs. You can buy it for $59.  

5. The Gem


The Gem includes over 150 page templates and 40 design concepts and it also includes a few custom post types by default like Teams, Portfolios, News, Clients…

You can set everything from video backgrounds to custom layouts.

6. Astra 


Astra can be used for portfolios, online shops, blogs and more. You have more than 70 designs available, and if you are a beginner you’ll understand very quickly. If you’re writing a blog post, you can easily change the layout and add custom text.  

7. Foodie Pro


If you are a future food blogger or you are a culinary lover- this is the right place for you. It can cost you almost $80. It has a flexible layout, clean colour scheme and landing page template. You can offer your readers beautiful images and remarkable accompanying text. 


These are just some of the most popular and simplest WordPress themes that you can easily handle and upgrade. They are suitable for beginners and provide the most diverse text design and other effects that you can mostly download for free or for a relatively low fee. With this you will be able to create unique websites and blogs and it will surely attract attention.  


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