4 Areas of Your Life the Pandemic May Still Be Affecting

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Though there is a pretty reliable vaccine available for free in most countries now, the global pandemic is still going on and affecting people in many different areas of their lives. You may not want to get vaccinated because of personal health reasons or may not have access to it in your area. It is also of course possible that you are vaccinated but are still noticing that life is not back to “normal” yet. Here are 4 areas of your life the pandemic is probably still affecting.


Shopping, including grocery shopping, has definitely changed because of the pandemic. Many people are still getting groceries delivered straight to their homes in lieu of going into stores themselves. Many freight companies out there are working extra hard to make sure you get your goods on time, so the next time your delivery driver is unloading your refrigerated goods, make sure you thank them!


Whether you are back to working in person or still working remotely, your work life has undoubtedly changed a little bit because of the pandemic. If you are back to work, chances are you were either required to get vaccinated or you are required to wear a mask or face covering. These things are inconveniences and may still feel very strange since there has never been a time in your life where something like this happened before.

Mental Health

Even if you’ve managed to stay COVID-free and are physically healthy, your mental health may still be suffering from the lasting effects of a global pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, lost loved ones, and were forced to change many different aspects of their lives because of it. If you are still feeling depressed just know that you are not alone. Seek help through a professional therapist if you need to.


Many people’s relationships have been affected in negative ways because of the pandemic. It’s completely normal for relationships to be suffering while the world around you is so different than it was before. Breakups and divorces have been extremely common over the last couple of years and this is no surprise. The important thing to remember is that everyone is doing the best they can in unprecedented times. Take care of yourself first, and make sure to talk to your loved ones and open up about how you’re feeling with them on a regular basis.

If your life is much different now than it was before the pandemic, you are one in a sea of many! Everyone continues to go through personal struggles and changes due to global events, some of them very difficult. Knowing that many people are going through some of the same things as you can be very comforting, so hang in there and together the world will get through this.

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