10 Popular Office Jobs That Pay Well

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Are you an extrovert? Do you like the idea of working with and around lots of other motivated professionals? Are you interested in office jobs that pay well and allow you a bit of socializing time to boot?

Even though COVID-19 has caused a major surge in remote work, 28% as shown by LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, that doesn’t mean that office jobs are going to become extinct.

In fact, corporations of all kinds are doing a big push to sanitize the office environment, so that office work can continue uninterrupted.

If you liked the idea of working from home before the pandemic, but now you are completely over it and would like to get back to an office job that pays well, you are in luck. Read on to see 10 popular office jobs that pay well and are interesting!

1. Receptionist

If you like to stay busy, chat with all the incoming and outgoing visitors, be helpful to those in need, and maintain the front desk, then this job is for you.

You will be answering phone calls, directing visitors to the right place, answering questions from incoming maintenance folks, doing paperwork, and more.

There’s always lots to do for a receptionist of a busy corporation, and it will keep you on your toes. No time to be bored, when there’s coffee to be made, and people to be directed.

2. Office Manager

Do you think of yourself as organized and thorough? Do you think that nothing can escape your eagle eye when it comes to office duties and tasks?

Then, this role is perfect for you. An office manager oversees the smooth workings of an office and its staff. You are going to be interacting with clients, assisting with scheduling, generating financial reports, and more.

If you have a solid knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, you are well on your way to becoming a great Office Manager.

3. Facilities Manager

If you like managing facilities and their daily workings, along with overseeing the maintenance staff, the office cleaning service, the incoming deliveries, and the shipping and receipt of warehouse inventory, this role was made for you.

The great thing about this role is that it keeps you on your feet and active. If you hate sitting for long periods of time or being sedentary in general, you will love being a Facilities Manager.

4. Executive Assistant

An executive assistant works hard to keep the CEO, CFO, or some other executive on track.

From scheduling, business-critical tasks, and paperwork, to setting up dinner and golf dates with other execs, it all falls on your capable and flexible shoulders.

Things are always moving and changing, and you are the kind of person who has learned to roll with the changes as if it were the easiest thing in the world.

5. Payroll Specialist

Employees need to get paid, and if you like dealing with cashflow, accounting, and payroll-related tasks, then apply for these kinds of jobs asap.

You also need to have a deep loving relationship with Microsoft Excel, as you will be preparing payroll spreadsheets and summary reports daily. Accuracy and integrity will be the cornerstone of this role, and you need to have it in spades.

6. IT Coordinator

A company is almost non-functional nowadays without a proper IT system and a great IT Coordinator or Manager. In this role, you will be troubleshooting tech problems, related to servers, the Internet, computers, connections, and more.

If you like getting down and dirty into wiring, programming, web servers, then this is it. You are doing it for your parents at home anyways, why not get paid for it as well?

7. Accounts Payable Clerk

This is another role that involves spreadsheets and cash flow, but with regards to input and output. You will be involved in processing payments and transactions, and also, preparing bills and invoices for banking purposes.

If you like a job where you can be meticulous, detail-oriented, and dealing with numbers all day, start looking into becoming an Accounts Payable Clerk.

8. Data Entry Clerk

If you are a fast typist, over 100 words per minute, and you like the idea of diligently entering hundreds of pieces of data into a spreadsheet or document, then you are looking at the right role here.

This job involves not only entering in digital information, but also digitally scanning, and organizing physical documents, especially as we move from a paper-filled world, into a digital one.

9. Administrative Assistant

This role usually ends up being part of a team of other admin assistants, who are all working towards the same goal – preparing reports, and analyzing data. All administrative work in an office will fall upon your shoulders.

If you can think outside of the box to come up with workable solutions to everyday office problems, then start applying to Admin Assistant roles. You were born for it.

10. Mail Clerk

With the profusion of emails and other digital mail, mail clerks might be thought of as relics of the past, but that’s not actually true.

Most office buildings in big corporations still have mailrooms, where a mail clerk sorts through and diverts hundreds and thousands of pieces of physical mail and other deliveries over to the right person.

You will also be involved in stocking supplies for mailing, and sorting out junk mail so it doesn’t clog up the desks of office employees. A commendable job for anyone who likes being on their feet and keeping things organized and neat.

Office Jobs Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

If you are thinking that office jobs are going to be as uncommon as gluten in a restaurant, think again.

Office jobs are as important to the functioning of a corporation or an office, as are its executives and decision-makers. Don’t rule them out yet! Apply for one today and get into a well-paid, cushy, and interesting job asap.

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