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By E-Solution, Special for USDR

After multiple appeals, the ban has been lifted on the newest mobile game from E-Solution “Great Wall of Trump” (http://www.e-solution.com/trumpsgame/public/). Both Apple and Twitter had originally restricted publication and sale of the game. Clearly not one to shy away from controversy, the founder of E-Solution believes that toxic levels of political correctness have gotten in the way of humor and satire. “Great Wall of Trump” is available today on theApp Store and Google Play.

“Great Wall of Trump” is inspired by Tetris, the classic block-stacking game developed in Soviet Russia. The player’s mission is to help Trump construct his wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, one brick at a time. However, a legion of foes attempts to put the brakes on construction. These include Colin Kaepernick, Barack Obama, “Little Marco” (Rubio), “Crooked Hillary” and ISIS terrorists, among others. Fortunately, players have a lifeline in the form of Rush Limbaugh and his “Rush-Nuke,” which can quickly clear the area of enemies.

Consisting of 12 successively more challenging levels spread across four locales along the border, “Great Wall of Trump” requires players to think strategically and take advantage of all the special pieces at the right moment. The retro game’s graphics are vibrant and colorful, and the caricatures of various political figures are spot-on. Given the nearly unprecedented media frenzy that the Trump campaign has inspired, E-Solution anticipates “Great Wall of Trump” becoming a hit among non-mobile gamers.

Immediately after launching on the App Store, “Great Wall of Trump” was restricted on the grounds of its “inflammatory” nature, and its developer faced an uphill battle to get this ban lifted. He wrote the following appeal – which is only one among many – to lift Apple’s ban on the game: “I am writing to ask that you reconsider ‘Great Wall of Trump’ for iOS devices. The game will be out on PC and Android devices this week, and it would be a shame if political correctness or bias towards one candidate is being considered in your decision. I honestly don’t see how a fence or game is inflammatory. As an American first as well as being Hispanic, I don’t believe my game could realistically be considered racist. Robert Frost said it best: “Good fences make good neighbors.” I strongly maintain that having a fence or wall at the border will stop the spillage of violence that is currently happening. This matters to me because I live five miles from the border myself.”

Early reviews of the game have been positive. “Finally, here is a game worth playing,” says one player. “Not only are you contributing to Making America Great Again, but doing it in a fun and challenging way. Let’s make our voice be heard.”

“Great Wall of Trump” is appropriate for teens and adults. The game is $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play, and is available on Windows PC in exchange for a small donation to the Trump campaign.

About E-Solution

E-Solution was established in 2015. The company creates mobile and web applications. E-Solus, a subsidiary company, created the “Great Wall of Trump” game in early 2016 as a side project. The owner of E-Solution and E-Solus is a U.S. veteran and former employee of the U.S. Treasury.

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