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How I Got Here,” a podcast hosted by Tim Barnicle and Harry Hill, launches today on the PodcastOne network. Each hour-long episode explores the success and missteps of today’s most notable trailblazers. The new show’s first two episodes feature iconic on-air personalities and journalists Tom Brokaw and Larry King, respectively.

In the inaugural episode, subscribers will learn what Brokaw’s college buddies meant when they told him, “You’re a puzzle to us. You’re so much fun and obviously smart, but your GPA is below a 2.0.” Listen as Brokaw explains how he went from being “off the rails” to the influencer and thought leader he is today. “Certainly my parents…were astonished. [It was the early 1960’s, and] I went from making $5,200 a year in Omaha to $13K a year in Atlanta, to making $30K a year in Los Angeles in a matter of 14 months,” Brokaw tells Barnicle and Hill.”

In episode two, Larry King discusses being on welfare as a kid inNew York City and about the moment he was named “Larry King” on his first ever radio broadcast. “I’m about to go on the air and the general manager calls me in and he says, ‘Good Luck! What’s your name going to be? Zeiger is too ethnic and people won’t know how to spell it.’ He had the paper open and there was an ad for “King’s Wholesale Liquors” and he said ‘How about Larry King?’ I said, ‘Okay, sounds all right.’ I legally changed it a year later.”

Hill describes the inception of “How I Got Here” saying, “Tim and I had talked about doing something creative together for a while, and as we turned towards our post-college plans, “How I Got Here” became a fun and challenging first step. We all hear “success” stories but now it’s our turn to get out in the world and make a lasting impression. The question became–no, really, how do people do it?”

According to Barnicle, “The guest list is a diverse mix of very interesting people. We conducted interviews all over the country, in places such as Boston, NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Now we are in the studio and have been picked up by a major platform. “How I Got Here” is quickly becoming the story of how WE got here. It’s a turn we could not have anticipated when we started this journey.”

Barnicle and Hill are recent college graduates ready to make it in the real world. They decided to seek life advice from noteworthy influencers in an effort to sort out their own fledgling careers. Not only do they gain advice and feedback from the likes of Brokaw, and King but also Pulitzer Prize winners, former White House staffers, Peabody Award recipients and others who got lucky or really knew what they were doing.

“How I Got Here” is available on the PodcastOne platform, the nation’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network. The on-demand audio destination is home to “The Adam Carolla Show,” “The Chive Podcast,” “The Rich Eisen Show” and “The BIG Podcast with Shaquille O’Neal.” PodcastOne has a diversified catalogue of 200 popular shows and it is quickly growing.

“How I Got Here” will air weekly on Tuesday’s and is available for download and subscription via PodcastOne and on  iTunes.

About “How I Got Here”

“How I Got Here” is a weekly podcast hosted by Tim Barnicle and Harry Hill. Subscribers get an up close and off-the-cuff look at how celebrities and media gurus, thought leaders and Pulitzer Prize winners have navigated their varied career paths. RecentGeorgetown graduates Barnicle and Hill, employ a conversational format to their show as they sit down with guests to discuss life and how they ended up where they are today. For more information, please visit the show’s website, Facebook, Twitter andInstagram pages.

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