PhinPoint: The Anti-Phishing Intelligence Platform

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TraceSecurity, LLC, a leading provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, announced today a new product called PhinPoint. PhinPoint is a product that will review, identify, and alert users of potential phishing and fraud attacks.

Nearly 90% of data breaches begin with a targeted email phishing attack. Hackers have become increasingly more effective at delivering these emails and bypassing traditional anti-malware and anti-spam solutions, including tactics like CEO fraud, business email compromise, or ransomware.

Users can go through all of the testing and training, but TraceSecurity has identified that there needs to be something else in place that can help identify and alert users of malicious attempts through email.

Through PhinPoint alerts, TraceSecurity hopes to help users properly examine potentially malicious emails in isolation. Alerts are displayed as a header on the email notifying the users of why we are alerting them and what to look out for. Once a user receives an alert, they are much more likely to investigate the email through implementation of security awareness best practices.

PhinPoint looks at several potential phishing indicators within emails. The product alerts users when it identifies emails that include a sense of urgency with key phrases that include topics such as passwords, transferring money, and paying invoices. PhinPoint integrates with a repository of known phishing URLS that is updated hourly to alert you of any incoming emails that match these bad URLs. The product will also alert you of spoofed senders, where phishers change their email address to match that of a trusted individual, or domain impersonation, where a phisher might purchase a domain with a slight variation from a known good domain.

“We’re trying to introduce that second pause into people when they’re checking emails,” said Ryan Castle, TraceSecurity Chief Operations Officer. “When you’re receiving hundreds of emails a day and you’re moving quickly, it’s very easy to make a mistake.”

TraceSecurity will be working with several managed service providers (MSPs) to sell PhinPoint as an add-on to their monthly service offerings. PhinPoint will benefit the MSP by reducing service desk costs with less tickets generated as well as introducing a new offering that can generate added monthly recurring revenue.

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