New Study Shows Super Bowl Ads Value Reach New Highs

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Think TV ads have lost their influence? Think again.  A recent study by Betway shows the power of such TV ads in major sports events in general and the Super Bowl in particular.  Repeat — especially the Super Bowl!

The power behind Super Bowl ads is that they linger:

  • They linger before they are even made as people remember past ads and wonder what past companies that advertised then will do next time
  • They linger in conversations weeks before the big game
  • They dominate the conversation during the game, with many viewers more excited about half time than the game that proceeds or follows it
  • And long after the game people are still telling the stories they saw 30 seconds at a time.

The proof of the power of these ads is in the pudding, or in this case, the money spent:

  • The amount of money has grown exponentially over the years, unlike TV ads in other spaces that have seen a leveling or even a drop in overall revenue.
  • The amount spent per 30 second spot has actually doubled in the last decade for the Super Bowl.
  • And maybe the most impressive fact is you can buy one each of a MLB World Series commercial, NCAA Final Four commercial, Women’s World Cup commercial, and NBA Finals commercial for less than one Super Bowl 30 second spot.

Check out other important finding from this study:


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