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IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international travel security consulting experts at, is proud to announce a new blog post on tips for business travelers to stay safe during overseas travel. Summer months bring combination business and pleasure travel, and so an emphasis on security is especially important as additional family travelers increase security vulnerabilities for the harried corporate globetrotter.

In addition, the post advocates that digitally savvy persons check out the FoneTrac travel safety app at The app connects the business traveler to a back-end service (GlobalSecur at which offers real-time, and real-person assistance to travelers. With reach across the globe, the travel security app is an ideal complement to any plans to travel abroad, whether for business or pleasure.

“Summer is peak travel season internationally, when business travelers often bring their spouses and families,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “This type of travel increases security vulnerabilities, and our new post highlights some easy tips for the business traveler to improve their security.”

Interested persons can read the full post at It should be noted that the principals at IMG GlobalSecur are recognized international travel security experts and have been interviewed by popular media, including the New York Times; bloggers, journalists, and others looking for experts on international travel are encouraged to reach out for interview opportunities.


Here is background on this release. Business travelers nowadays often combine business and pleasure in a single trip. A business trip to Dubai, London, or Buenos Aires becomes an opportunity not only to conduct business but to see the sights, take in the local culture, and taste the local cuisine. Not surprisingly, more and more business travelers take their spouses and children along on business trips, especially during the summer months when vacation time for a spouse is more available and the kids can be out of school. Nonetheless, travel security remains an issue for affluent business travelers no matter the destination.

In this spirit, the international travel experts at IMG have posted a succinct article to their blog highlighting some key travel safety tips. One tip is to keep a low profile by not wearing expensive jewelry, watches, or fancy tailored clothing. Another is to beware of public transit while traveling overseas. It’s not that one should refrain from using the Paris Metro or London Tube; but rather that one must be aware of sticking out like a sore thumb, especially if wife, husband, or kids are in tow. Finally, the article points out the growing cybersecurity risk to all international travelers. Hacking into a computer is often more threatening than stealing one’s watch.

Anyone interested in improving their business security abroad is encouraged to read the article in full, and, if appropriate, reach out to the international travel security experts at IMG for a consultation.

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