How to Optimize a Garden Shed for Storage Space

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Clutter can be an ongoing problem in any household, especially after you’ve lived in the same place for several years. Over time, things pile up where there just doesn’t seem to be a home for them. Before you know it, you are stepping over boxes, pushing things aside on the counter and even finding it difficult to sit without moving something out of the way. Don’t you think it’s about time you did something about all that clutter? Have you ever thought of using a garden shed as storage space you are so desperate for?

Not Any Shed Will Do

Of course, you can’t use that rickety old wooden shed with a roof that leaks and enough black mold to kill a small army. What you probably need is a metal storage shed that has also been insulated so that you can keep it climate controlled if necessary. Companies like can prefabricategarden sheds to your specifications which might be one to consider,just don’t forget to take accurate measurements before ordering anything on their site so that you have room for all that ‘stuff’ you need to store.

Flooring Is an Absolute Must

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should consider a poured concrete floor or a garden shed that has a floor before randomly putting things outside to store. Moisture will seep up from the ground and then you’ll once again have a problem with mildew and black mold. The object of laying a foundation is to keep the unit moisture and temperature controlled.

Line the Walls with Shelves

Next, you will need to consider what kind of shelving you want to place in your garden shed. It is recommended that you use shelves which can be bracketed to the walls for sturdiness. If you will be packing heavy boxes to store in your shed, make sure you use heavy duty shelving and brackets. Also, you might want to consider leaving one wall devoid of shelves so that you can keep any lawn and garden equipment in the shed alongside those items you want to store. This way, you won’t need two separate storage buildings. You can get rid of that rickety old wooden shed that’s become quite an eyesore.

Be Practical – Not Everything Can Be Salvaged

One of the main issues many homeowners encounter is that over the years they have collected a bunch of, for lack of a better word, junk. Many things can be repaired but you’ve never gotten around to it. Other things you might be keeping for parts and other things, you can’t remember for the life of you why you kept them in the first place. Be practical when sorting things to go in your shed. Whatever can be salvaged either keep or donate to Goodwill. If not, it’s junk, so ditch it before your storage shed becomes as cluttered as your home.

Now that you have the idea, it’s time to focus on packing things systematically to be stored securely in your garden building. Not only will everything you’ve stored be right there at hand when you need it, but you can control what and how you store things. Just remember, old habits are hard to break, so do work on letting things go if you can’t find a use for them. Don’t worry, more stuff will come along. Do you really need that?

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