How to Make a Stunning 7-Second First Impression in Your Home

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If you haven’t read the rule about 7-second first impressions, we would encourage you to do so. Particularly in relation to your home, this is something that will transform the way you think about things – and make you re-evaluate a lot of your past renovations.

For the purposes of today, we are going to relay some quick tips (or hacks, as the modern-day living press like to refer to them as). Take on board the following advice and create the instant wow-factor as soon as anybody steps foot into your home.

Curb appeal isn’t just for sellers

If you’re selling your home, we’d bet our bottom dollar that curb appeal has already been mooted. Making a first impression is crucial when trying to convince potential buyers that your property is for them.

A common mistake is to only apply the principals to a seller’s market, though. Instead, use it in your day-to-day life. Approach your home from a different perspective and see if there are any of the classic fixes you can implement to boost those first impressions. Regular ideas include:

  • Can you improve your front garden?
  • Does the front of your home need painting?
  • Is there much symmetry in the walkway to your home?
  • The list could go on.

Focus on your accessories

A common theme through today’s article is that you don’t have to rely on the big changes.

Something else that can help you with this is focusing on the accessories. For example, look at this page from Avas Flowers. Avas Flowers have become the go-to business for providing a spruce of color and excitement into homes, and this Avas Flowers Twitter page probably highlights the point in even more detail.

Accessories can be key for first impressions. Whether it is flowers, artwork or candles – don’t dismiss them because they don’t cost the earth.

Stay on top of the ‘little things’

You might have a dream to convert the garage but in the bluntest of terms, this is probably a long-term plan.

Instead, focus on the small wins.

What about the doorknob that has been rattling for the last year?

Or, what about the weeds which have slowly taken over the back yard?

How about the kitchen worktop that has started to peel?

In isolation, all of the above are minor points. However, when combined, they can add up and make a monumental difference.

Invest in the high-traffic rooms

For any spare room enthusiasts (if there are any), this last point isn’t going to be popular.

The kitchen and bathroom might get all of the attention but focus on the other high-traffic areas. For example, the hallway greets every guest, why not start there? Or, the living room typically attracts a similar number of people, why not pledge your time there?

Granted, the kitchen and bathroom commonly grab the headlines, but they don’t always receive as many people. Ultimately, your ‘first impression points’ can be spent better elsewhere.

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