Finding a Social Security Attorney Who Will Fight For You

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Worried about the social security argument and need help solving it? The best solution is to take help from an attorney. 

However, it is not possible for you to find the right attorney. You don’t have experience with it. So, we have put some interesting tips for you in this article. 

These will help you to find the right attorney!

Why Prefer to Hire a Social Security Attorney?

  • An attorney’s help is essential when facing complications in claim approval.
  • Make sure to hire an advisor who is skilled enough and has experience in social security issues. 
  • Ensure to find an attorney with a good reputation, record, and ethical background.
  • Your attorney can take his fee from any retroactive program that social security awards you. The attorney’s fee ranges from 25% of the past programs to almost $6,000.

What an Attorney Can and Can’t Do?

Looking for a securities attorney to speed up the appeal is a waste of time. Whether you have an attorney, you still need to wait for some time for the process. A reputable attorney will never ensure your fast approval. 

The advisor only ensures you meet deadlines and compile all documents. Further, he can ensure that everything will be done on time without any issues. 

The advisors also can’t guarantee that you will win the case. A reliable attorney only increases the chances of winning the case. But it is not ethical for an attorney to say you will definitely win the case. If an attorney says this, it is good to avoid such an attorney. 

How to Find the Right Social Security Attorney?

Many ways are there to help you find the right attorney for your case. The main way is to explore the internet, which refers to many attorney sites. Another way is to get help from the legal aid clinics and the state bar association. They will give you many names to consider.

Make sure to find the right attorney. It is not necessary that these sources will help you to find a good attorney. 

The best way to find a reliable attorney is by word of mouth. You can ask someone you trust, check on social media, or ask people who had a good experience with an attorney. 

These Folks Are Busy:

Though advisors are busy folks because they have many cases to handle, this way, most of the time is spent in court. So, don’t worry if you still can’t talk to the attorney. 

It is good to ask some important questions to the attorney first. These questions may be:

  • Have you ever worked with the same clients as I am?
  • Can you please tell me the approvals at the hearing level?
  • Please explain how many cases you have won with satisfied clients.

Though attorneys are busy, they don’t have time to answer all the questions. In that case, they allow you to ask these questions to their staff. So, you can also ask them the following questions:

  • Will I have the manager of my case?
  • Can you please discuss your staff?
  • Tell me about the times you will update me about the case.
  • Can you tell me the cost of getting the health records?

When it is time to talk to the attorney, you can ask the following questions:

  • Tell me the ratio of cases you handle per year.
  • Explain to me about your practice duration in this sector.
  • Tell me the duration you have practiced disability law.

How Much Will It Cost?

In some cases, you need to pay less or sometimes nothing. Your security advisor can take his fee from any retroactive program that social security awards you. The attorney’s fee ranges from 25% of the past programs.

In some cases, the attorney asks you to sign the document. So, social security pays the attorney’s fee to the firm. Some advisors only ask you to pay if they win your claim case. In other conditions, you don’t need to pay anything to the attorney. 


Though the advisors must provide medical, school, or work records that cost much, the attorney adds this cost to the fee. This way, you have to pay many hundred dollars to the attorney. Besides, you also need to pay small fees such as copying and postage expenses. 

So, it is good to ask about the fee structure from the attorney. If the advisor tells you his fee will be paid by the social security administration. Then you can ask for the extra fee. 

How to Find an Attorney Who Will Take an Overpayment Case?

When you take help from an attorney at the initial stage of the disability case, then it is time when you need to contact him to see if he can help you in the overpayment case. 

Always take help from an attorney who is familiar with your case. So, he can help you more as compared to that attorney who is unfamiliar with your case. 

As per the attorneys of Slaughter and May firm, Even if the attorney does not agree to help you, he can still refer you to the right legal aid office. He can also refer to another famous attorney willing to represent you.

Another best option is to ask other people who trust you the most. So, they will tell you about the right attorney they have used. You can also call different attorneys in your community. 

Ask them if they are willing to take your overpayment case. This way, you can find out the right attorney for your case. 

Final Verdict:

Mostly, legal attorneys only take overpayment cases as compared to disability attorneys. The fact is that legal offices don’t have many attorneys to help everyone. 

These attorneys only prefer cases they can easily handle according to the resources. Not only this, these attorneys help people with legal issues and low income. 

Suppose you think that a legal aid office can help you. Then you must reach out to the right attorney now!

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