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There is a rock solid system that just came to the market making big changes to the real estate game.

Deal Machine is an amazing app that allows you to take a picture of a vacant or abandoned house and then send a postcard – With That Picture! – to the taxpayer of record! Wow!

Talk about prospecting for motivated sellers made easy! …this is as easy as it gets!

  • Take a picture of the house
  • Automatically see where the “tax payer of record” lives.
  • Adjust the verbiage on the postcard if you wish
  • If you decide you want to send the postcard, click send…done!
    A postcard, made with the picture you took, will go out immediately to the owner of record for $0.99
  • Want to do an advance search; 0.99
    Advanced searches can bring you additional information; Phone numbers, email addresses, relatives and their addresses…this is very powerful stuff!
  • You can also pre-schedule follow-up postcards to go out exactly when YOU want them to go out…Just program in the date and time and more postcards will automatically go out..even while you sleep!
  • Hire “HELPERS!” Your acoount is allowed to have as many helpers as you with! Take advantage of this.
    You can add as many “helpers” to your account as you want (free!) and the system will always remind you WHO sent out the lead in the first place. Wow! I think I’d make 4 or 5 mailmen my helpers right away! I’d also make my wife and my adult children HELPERS. They can snap a picture of any abandon house they see and send out a postcard to the owner – no hassle – DONE! If I buy it, they get a bonus!

So what does Deal Machine cost you?


+ 0.99 per send

+ 0.99 per advanced search

Getting started is simple! Go to and set up you account.

Then start driving for dollars….or send someone else to take pics and click to send.

Check out my recent interview here.

Here is a few hints and tips;

#1. If you take a picture of a house that is obviously abandon, make sure the Tax payer of record’s adress (the Owner’s address) is different than the address of the house your taking the picture of. Otherwise, you’ll be sending that postcard to the abandon house…and what good would that do?

#2. If you’re hiring HELPERS, make sure they understand #1.

–Mitch Stephen– (Podcast Series) (Free Stuff)

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