Criminal Investigator Brings His Stories to Fiction

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As a retired criminal investigator, Tom Russell has used his decades of professional experience and insight to create a work of fiction titled “Border Games.”

Career Army Sergeant Sterling Archer is a respected military man who suddenly finds himself out of a job, out of luck, and penniless on the mean streets of Las Vegas. When an old Army buddy presents him with an opportunity to make more money than he ever imagined, Archer jumps at the chance, unaware of incoming catastrophe.

Soon, the pyramid scheme goes sour, and Archer ends up behind bars in federal prison. His only way out is to turn government informant. As if things could get any worse, his new partnership with the FBI places him square in the sights of a Mexican drug cartel, and Archer’s life is turned upside down as he fights to stay alive, no matter the cost.

“I started writing as a diversion to an otherwise serious law enforcement career and soon found it a cathartic pastime,” said Russell. “In this book, the work is not based purely on research or fantasy, but rather real events and personal experience with probable outcomes.”

“Border Games” depicts the dark underworld of gunrunning, human trafficking, and the illegal narcotics trade that leads the protagonist across international borders and into the high stakes world of espionage and political intrigue.

“Border Games”
By Tom Russell
ISBN: 9781483456423 (softcover); 9781483456430 (eBook)
Available on AmazonBarnes & Noble, and Lulu Press

About the author
Tom Russell is a 25-year veteran of federal law enforcement. Retired from the special agent roles, he spends a significant amount of his available time writing. Russell is a competitive trap shooter, biathlon competitor, and NRA firearms instructor. His interests include hunting, skiing, and mountain biking. Russell lives with his wife and family in Roseburg, Oregon. Readers can learn more about the author on his website at

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