Crimes Of The Decade That Shook New York City

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Crime is a constant in our society. Not all crimes are equal though, and in the Empire State, there have been more than a few crimes that have rattled even the most experienced NYC DWI car accident lawyers and enforcement officials to their cores. Today, we’ll be taking a look at these particularly egregious events from the last decade, some of which you might say border on truly twisted.

The Rashaad Walker Case

It’s not every day that you hear about a blatant shooting taking place in broad daylight, but that’s what happened in the 2015 case of Rashad Walker murdering Tony Guyton, an innocent man who was bicycling home from work. The judge deemed Walker a “cold, callous, calculating assassin,” and sentenced him to a 40-year prison term. In an unusual twist, Walker’s own infant son, 20-month old Rashad Walker Jr., was murdered by Saquan Evans in 2010 (he’s also serving 40-years-to-life).

The David Renz Case

Murder and rape on their own are despicable enough, and when both are committed by the same perpetrator they seem to become even more heinous. This was the case with David Renz, who was convicted of murdering a school librarian and raping a 10-year-old girl in March of 2013. Reports say he was stoic before the judge as he was delivered a hefty life sentence. It’s also worth noting that Renz was also convicted of child pornography charges, adding to the depravity of his actions.

The Romeo Williams Case

Crimes against the elderly are a sticking point for many, and when the crime is murder it’s particularly disgusting. Such was the crime of 19-year-old Romeo Williams, who killed 70-year-old Jim Gifford with a single punch. The attack took place at a 7-Eleven, after the elderly retiree had purchased some food and soft drinks. Williams struck Gifford, who fell unconscious and succumbed to his injury after five days in the hospital. Williams received a 25 year sentence for the killing, and an additional 15 for an unrelated gun charge.

The Ryan Lawrence Case

Killing a child is a brutal act, even more so when the child is your own. Ryan Lawrence, of Syracuse, New York, did the unthinkable when he murdered his own 21-month-old daughter February of 2016. Authorities found the child’s corpse beaten and burned, and after an hour and eighteen minute sentencing in which five family members spoke on behalf of the deceased child, Lawrence was given 25-years-to-life in prison for his despicable actions.

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