Call for Freeing Venezuela Opposition Leader

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Life of Venezuela’s opposition party leader and political prisoner, Leopoldo López as she campaigns for his liberation amidst Venezuela’s current political turmoil. Throughout the previous administration, President Obama was a vocal advocate for the release of Leopoldo López and now President Trump agrees as evidenced by his latest tweet. Both sides have finally come together.

On February 18th, 2014 Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López was incarcerated and later convicted to more than 13 years of prison for inciting violence as the leader of a street protest in which students marched against the government of President Nicolas Maduro. Ex-general Franklin Nieves has admitted that he falsified evidence under the command of the government to ensure López’s incarceration.

Lilian Tintori, a wife and mother of two children, was forced into the political spotlight and has put her life on the line in order to free Leopoldo, reunite her family and all the families of the political prisoners. FUERTE is an intimate glimpse into the life of one of Venezuela’s now most recognizable figures as she travels across Venezuela campaigning to win the parliamentary elections in hope of winning a majority that can free her husband.

Armed with her voice and the courage that personifies her, Lilian leaves her everyday life as a mother and housewife behind to begin a road trip in search of justice. Despite three attempts on her life, Lilian never loses hope and continues her quest for justice around the world, eventually reaching the Oval Office to meet with President Trump.

Her journey is one of power, determination and loyalty to her country and her family.

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