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Nukondo, a real estate tech app, has successfully on-boarded some of the most prominent projects in Miami. “Our app helps developers expose their projects globally 24/7, allowing them to speed up sales and cut marketing costs,” says founder Jorge Brugo. Nukondo’s suite of apps runs on a series of algorithms that provide key metrics for developers to position and price their projects competitively.

Why do developers and brokers see the value in Nukondo?

“Tech and real estate is a no-brainer combination, and Nukondo is making a move to redefine the old model,” says head of marketing, Jason Velasquez. There’s thousands of new projects spamming millions of agents and buyers worldwide, hoping to achieve some form of traction. Nukondo solves this, giving agents more time to focus on what really matters most, dealing with customers.

After three months of beta-testing, the company has gone from 0 to 72 projects with over 10,000+ units. The company will move into its full release once user feedback and content curation have been finalized. The company plans to scale beyond its pilot market in Miami, into major US and international metro cities.

Nukondo is negotiating numerous strategic alliances with regional Realtors® associations, as well as other real estate tech companies. This will dramatically boost the exposure of participating projects with millions of users globally.

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