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Delegation is the key to doing less and making more. Right? An Answering Service can be yet another piece taken removed from your list of duties that you do. One piece at a time you can become the CEO of the company that may be running YOU at the the moment.

The problem with being a solo-entrepreneur is there are so many aspects of business that you need to cover. You cannot be effective at everything. An answering service can help lighten your load, but, there are more reasons to use an answering service than you might know. You need to use them to scale your business!

The right answering service can do more than just take the basic information and promise a return phone call. Professional answering services are staying relevant by helping companies mine for valuable information from incoming callers. A key component to your business. As a person who consistently buys almost a hundred houses annually, I want an answering service to deliver more than just a name and number;

  • Why are you selling?
  • What is the address?
  • How much do they owe on their mortgage?
  • Are you living in the home?
  • How do they value the property?
  • Does the house need work?

….the list goes on an on! The MORE information the answering service can gather, the valuable the connection becomes. The information can help me track ads, prioritize leads, and help me be better prepared to talk to the seller.

Hitting it big in the lead generation department is an entrepreneur’s dream!

DO NOT get caught Short. You wouldn’t be the first solo-entrepreneur to launch a terrific advertising campaign that produces more calls than you’re equipped to handle. It’s a shame to make the mother load strike and fail your good fortune by showing up light in band width. The right answering service can help you stay above water and increase your conversion rate.

Use the answering service as a backup. You can set the service to take calls when you or your representatives fail to pick up. For example, you can set your call to forward to your answering service if you haven’t picked up by the third or fourth ring. This is especially a great plan when you have employees that are new or you’re not sure they can handle the calls.

Don’t have Scripts? A good answering service can provide great scripts! They have probably worked with others in your industry before. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Ask for previously used scripts and then tweak them to make them your own.

For more details go to 1000Houses.com/answeringservices

The good people there have forgotten more about answering service protocol than most of us will ever know.

Check out my interview about this subject and more

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