US Continues to Push Online Regulation Change

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It has been a busy couple of years for lawmakers across the US as major change has come to online platforms largely targeted towards casinos and betting sites – back in 2018 the change made so that individual states could make their own decisions on legalized betting and gambling spurred almost immediate major change as options at and many other sites quickly became available to US based players, and as changes continue throughout 2022 many different states are starting to reap the benefits of making these changes.

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New York has been one of the most recent to make the change as the end of 2021 and start of 2022 brought the news that change would be coming – and has also been the fastest growing as New York became the largest US sports betting market just four weeks after launching by bringing in $1.6 billion in that period of time, beating the previous holder of the title New Jersey by over $300 million – it’s expected that these figures will only go up too, with mobile being the largest and most preferred market for punters. 

Other markets which have been on a longer run like Colorado have been experiencing this growth for quite some time – as one of the first states to successfully implement the change and see rapid growth afterwards, it has become something of a blueprint for other states to follow, even attracting international attention with Tipico having eyed Denver as a tech hub for new gambling services and creating a host of new job and a host of new opportunities too – but that doesn’t mean all states have found the same success or the same experience. 

Maryland is a great example, although passing a bill to legalize online betting there has been a long delay in pushing out licensing for operators to emerge and this has been somewhat by design, being deemed as a non-priority particularly for mobile users and could be a longer period of time yet until change is seen here. Massachusetts has been another state not yet willing to make change despite support from Gov. Charlie Baker and concerns that neighboring states were profiting from the slow response but shows little to no signs of changing just yet with hopes that it will sooner rather than later.

It’s an exciting time for change, and there’s still plenty to come – but has been a lesson to all watching how a quick and well timed response can provide a huge benefit, but also how a slow and labored response can cause a number of issues too.

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