Rocko a Chihuahua Predicts Election

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By The Fabulous Bookwormzillas, Special for USDR

IF I WERE THE PRESIDENT’S DOG! – Written by The Fabulous Bookwormzillas and Illustrated by Ashley Carey was telepathically transmitted by Rocko, a chihuahua – to his sitter, GoldenEagle. She shared Rocko’s messages with her family, and her grandchildren began to create dialog and scenarios from the transmitted thoughts of the chihuahua. “We had no idea when we began writing in ’08 that the winds would turn the political tides our way via the ‘craziest election season ever!’” says GoldenEagle. “And when election results were predicted back then, I was blown away!” IF I WERE THE PRESIDENT’S DOG! is available on and

In the book IF I WERE THE PRESIDENT’S DOG! the reader has a front row seat into the mind of Rocko’s pup-culture reverie! You are amused by his comedic imagination as he shares his personal thoughts and heart-felt dreams of becoming the first chihuahua to ever reside in the White House!  As Rocko campaigns to be dubbed as the next DOTUS, he introduces you to his presidential amigos, UK Royals, pop-culture events, international peace solutions, presidential canine facts, celebrity friends, fashion perks, red carpet appearances, and a presidential prediction in the Rose Garden!  Rocko’s ‘big dreaming’ and winning attitude demonstrates his credo: “It’s not the size of the dog in the dream, it’s the size of the dream in the dog!”

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