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Over the past 15 years of so, all of our lives have been dramatically changed by the introduction of the smartphones to the market and as they have evolved and transformed, they have become so vital for many of us to get about our everyday lives and function. The main driving force behind the smartphone revolution has been Apple and the iPhone who were the pioneer in this industry and created the past for other smartphones to be able to succeed during this period and below we look at some of the most influential features released onto the iPhone ever.



One of the most important features that was added to the iPhone on it’s second release on the iPhone 3GS and it’s in the name, was the addition of 3G which allowed for smartphones to become the beast that they are today. Can you imagine your iPhone today without the use of the internet? The iPhone 3GS was the first iPhone to bring the use of 3G to ensure that we could surf the internet as we pleased and is one of the main reasons why smartphones are so functional right now. Funny to think how far we have now developed that we are now on 5G connectivity. One industry that has certainly been able to benefit from this is the online casino world, this list here is showcasing some of the best casinos on the gamstop-free market.


Another impressive feature that transformed the iPhone into the most popular smartphone on the market is the camera that it now has on offer for consumers. Gone are the days of having to own a DSLR camera as well as a phone as Apple have developed a phone in which is now able to offer both all tied into one. The quality that the iPhone camera is now able to deliver is seriously impressive and due to the connectivity of the iPhone, sharing these images with friends and family has never been easier.


And finally, the security that iPhones are now able to offer is also just as impressive as some other features as the Touch ID and Face ID have been great additions to the iPhones. They have ensured an extra addition of security has been delivered to the iPhone that means that you can only unlock your iPhone through the use of your unique fingerprint or facial recognition. This has become so popular that it has now ensured that you can now pay for anything through the use of Touch ID or Face ID.

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