Learning Stock Trading 101 While On Lockdown With Multi-Millionaire Ben Zogby

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The ongoing health crisis brought by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) is sweeping countries around the world. The figures on individuals who are getting infected continue to rise. As a countermeasure, many nations and key cities worldwide closed their borders and imposed travel restrictions to contain the virus’s spread. 

Governments are forced to implement lockdown measures to slow down the transmission of the disease. Authorities urged the general populace to comply with the stay-at-home policy. At a certain period, more than three billion people around the world we’re living under some lockdown measures. Even now, most countries are still implementing restrictions on people’s movements, and some borders remain closed.

There is no debate that the current pandemic has adversely affected the global economy and disrupted many industries. But HighStrike founder Ben Zogby believes that there is a silver lining despite the present condition. Zogby remarked that although the stay-at-home policy kept many people at home, the lockdown offers an opportunity to learn a new skill that might be useful in the future, “Now is the best time to learn how to trade. Most of us are just sitting at home. We never have so much free time today. So, I encourage you to use your free time wisely. One of the best ways to utilize your free time is to learn stock trading,” Zogby explained.

Why Stock Trading? 

Most people will ask, “of all the skills, why do I need to learn to trade?” Zogby has a simple answer to this question: “Stock trading is among the avenues to financial freedom. So, everyone who aspires to achieve it must master the skill of stock trading,” Zogby stated. He explained that stock trading has been instrumental in growing some of the richest individuals in the world.

Zogby said that being successful in stock trading takes time. “It will not happen overnight. That is the reason why I am urging them to learn it now. It is a long learning process,” Zogby added. He shared that it took him four years before he finally discovered the right formula for success. In his early days in trading, Zogby admitted that he lost money in the stock while figuring out how it works. “I committed many mistakes along the way, but it never disheartened me. I encountered difficulty in selecting my entries or identifying the best time to take profits. I took it as a learning experience as I look back at the trial and error that I went through to build my skill in trading. Those experiences have become my best teacher in trading,” he narrated.

Starting HighStrike Trading

After graduating from college, Zogby worked in a 9-to-5 job. During his spare time, Zogby pursued his dream of becoming a successful trader. After some time, he was able to save enough money and noticed that he was now consistently making money from trading. Zogby realized that it was the right time to move forward with stock trading. He quit his regular work and focused on stock trading.

Eventually, he founded HighStrike Trading, a trading business dedicated to teaching students how to make money through stock trading. Zogby established this $2.7-million company from scratch in less than two years, and at the young age of 24, he became a millionaire.

Trading 101 With Zogby  

Zogby said that HighStrike Trading offers the most comprehensive learning program for aspiring traders. Zogby remarked that the program’s conceptualization was the accumulation of everything he learned and experienced in stock trading throughout the years. The program provides the tools needed to find the way through stock trading.

Students can choose among the three HighStrike Trading’s offerings. The HighStrike Trading School provides the complete game plan to turn a person’s trading business into six or seven figures. Another offering is the provision of in-depth help to traders by Zogby’s team. Those new to trading can try the HighStrike Starter Kit for free.

Zogby explained that through the program students learn to trade based on a unique three-part system. The first step is the Professional Trading Course, which teaches trading strategies through 65 self-paced video lessons. In the next level, they have the Active Trading Group wherein members can talk about trade opportunities and learn from each other. Finally, they have the daily custom videos wherein Zogby prepares two videos every day that show his trading plan for stocks that he perceived to have value.

“The program is a complete package that helps students build their skills in stock trading. Over the years, the program has guided thousands of students on how to make money with stock trading,” Zogby described.

An Invitation

Stock trading was instrumental in making Zogby a millionaire and a multi-business owner. Zogby is urging everyone not to waste their free time but rather use it to learn stock trading. “I will guide them through stock trading and help them discover the road that potential could build their wealth and enjoy a life they always dreamed of,” he said.

To learn more about stock trading, you can visit and enroll at www.highstriketrading.com. You can also follow Zogby on Instagram at @highstriketrading and @benzogby. Happy trading!

Featured image used by permission from Ben Zogby

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