Is Plastic Surgery “Out of Control”?

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A lone contrarian voice, plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban is loudly expressing frustration with his own profession – the $15 billion plastic surgery industry – while warning prospective patients about the dangerous pitfalls of being uneducated amidst a “manipulated environment” and largely unregulated crossover doctors that fuel today’s impossible standards of Photoshop beauty.

Dr. Rahban says that the “out of control” number of surgeries for virtually every part of the body parallels the growing trend of revisionist surgeries needed – underscoring his belief that too many physicians from other disciplines are practicing cosmetic surgery without proper training or knowledge. The result: damaged goods, not all of which can be repaired. More about safe plastic surgery:

“We are dealing with the ‘Wild West of Cosmetic Surgery,'” Dr. Rahban states. He says the situation has been created by, among other factors:

  • a social media world of fake images,
  • unscrupulous medical practitioners who convince themselves of their ability to do procedures for which they are not qualified, and
  • a population of prospective patients who are largely uneducated and, consequently, all the more vulnerable.

Dr. Rahban, based in Beverly Hills, wants the situation to change and believes it can be accomplished by educating patients before they agree to surgeries.  “We’re not dealing with only the physical aspects with plastic surgery, but the deep-seated emotional ties that are linked to one’s self image and confidence. A failed procedure can be devastating,” he notes.

In his own practice, Dr. Rahban estimates he turns away 25% of those seeking surgeries because he deems them unnecessary or unsafe. Conversely, many medical practitioners lack the “willingness to say no” to any procedure. Dr. Rahban adds the situation is exacerbated by patients who are easily seduced by today’s world of “unreal” reality TV, and social media platforms filled with filtered photos – all of which create a fantasy definition of beauty that in most cases can never be realized.

“I certainly don’t want to discredit the vast majority of the nearly 7,000 practicing board-certified plastic surgeons who are esteemed professionals,” Rahban states.  “But we have to work harder to make sure those interested in surgery are as informed as they can be – about what’s possible, what’s necessary, and what’s not, the surgeon’s experience and capabilities, and so forth. At the end of the day, there is often significant risk to consider, to both the body and the psyche – and isn’t that valuable enough to justify educating one’s self?”

Dr. Rady Rahban is a respected board certified plastic surgeon who has treated thousands of patients over 11 years of practice in Beverly Hills, California. In addition to his expertise in traditional surgeries, he has performed countless reconstructive surgeries for trauma and cancer patients and is also on staff at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Fluent in English, Spanish and Farsi, Dr. Rahban also volunteers his time and talent to performing corrective surgeries for underprivileged children in Guatemala and Mexico

SOURCE Dr. Rady Rahban

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