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By Elizabeth Thede, Special for USA Daily Chronicles

dtSearch enterprise and developer products can instantly search terabytes of “Office” files, PDFs, emails along with nested attachments, databases and Internet or Intranet data, with all data remaining inside your business firewall. The key here is in how the dtSearch software operates.

dtSearch products work by first building one or more indexes each covering up to a terabyte of data. Now a dtSearch index is not like a book index. Rather, it is just an internal tool for dtSearch products to use. Whether the dtSearch software operates in a concurrent multithreaded enterprise setting or in a more individual use setting, it is indexing that enable instant searching of terabytes.

Starting dtSearch indexing is easy. All you have to do is point the software at the relevant folders and other data and it will go off on its own and build the index. In fact, dtSearch products will figure out for itself what mix of data you have like Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF, ZIP, RAR, XML, HTML, etc. The dtSearch software can even go through emails with multilayer nested email attachments, so if you have an email with a ZIP file containing an MS Word document with an embedded PowerPoint, no problem. dtSearch developer products also support indexing of databases like SQL, NoSQL and SharePoint.

With dtSearch indexing, all original data plus all indexes can remain behind a secure enterprise firewall. Or the data and the indexes can reside in a secure hosting environment like Microsoft Azure or AWS. After the dtSearch software builds an index, you can instantly search all of your personal data. Or in an enterprise setting, concurrent users can simultaneously search across multiple indexes.

Working exclusively through the search index, dtSearch offers over 25 different full-text and metadata search option. Boolean and/or/not searching, phrase searching, proximity searching, directed proximity searching (looking for words or phrases only before another word or phrase), natural language searching with automatic relevancy ranking, user-defined positive or negative variable term weighting, regular expression searching, fuzzy searching, concept searching and more all stem directly from the search index.

After a search, the dtSearch software can display retrieved documents, emails and the like with multicolor highlighted hits. dtSearch also offers even more advanced search techniques. For example, the dtSearch software can let you know if it locates any valid credit card numbers in your data. If you are a developer, the dtSearch software developer kit (SDK) enables you to add developer-oriented search features like faceted searching and granular data classification for security purposes into your application.

From a technical standpoint, indexing, searching and display with highlighted hits does not alter original documents or other data. Every file has a unique hash value. dtSearch indexing, searching and display does not alter these. In fact, while indexing, the dtSearch software can even generate hash values for your files, and then let you search on those hash values, all without affecting the original data.

Because dtSearch can instantly search terabytes, many dtSearch customers are large enterprises like 4 out of 5 of the Fortune 500’s biggest Aerospace and Defense companies and federal, state and international government agencies. But even if you are just searching data on your own PC, dtSearch has an application for that. Go to, and download a fully-functional 30-day evaluation version.

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