How To Support Your Teen’s Mental Health for Life

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It’s May, and school is nearly out for the Summer. As the days tick by, we see our kids shoot up into their teens and suddenly we are facing those years we’ve always dreaded. The moodiness… the attitude… the drama… is it all inevitable? As a parent to a teenager, you have a great opportunity to support your child’s mental health for life. You can leverage the strong emotional connection you’ve been building with your teen since birth and they will gain the strength and resilience they need to navigate the inevitable changes they will face within and around them. Listen below as Kathi Sohn explains simple steps to helping your teen build emotional resilience for a happy, prosperous life.



Kathi Sohn is a parent, author of You Made It Up, Now Stop Believing It, and a certified life coach. She is the leading expert in the creation, discovery and release of limiting and destructive childhood vows. Learn more about Kathi and her work at

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